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  1. yesterday celebrated the end of studying and my last exams... feeling sick after yesterday:))

  2. not hot, buuurning!!!:))) and you like zero 7:hug: i saw it on your last.fm page;) yes, they are awesome :clap:

  3. haha! maybe one day :)))

  4. it's about management in oil industry

  5. thanx! i'll tell you tomorrow how it was:)

  6. didn't see u for a long time! hey, nika!!! :hug: how are u?

  7. yeah, i'm a tough beauty :rofl:

    and i found yours at least. classic asian prettiness :hug: lovely :wub:

  8. congrats again! there's so much posts in here, that probably you didn't see mine :cry: CONGRATS!!! HAPPY OWN THREAD OWNER!!!

  9. just draw moustaches to nicole, and this is me :laugh:

  10. haha, i don't believe, my drunken friend :laugh:

    well, i see your face a very tiny bit... a very-very tiny bit... okay, you cracked me...

  11. haha, not really! i don't drink vodka, only crude spirit :rofl:

  12. oh, now i see! you are cute! is it really three ...ick.. red dots, not 6? damn, now i got it! you just mark yourself, and i thought it's just red.. dots :ermm: under... i talk shit, sorry...

  13. and the pic is too small to see the faces...

  14. hey soyee!!! who are these girls on your personal photo? is it you with your friends, or is it just you, but i drunk too much this weekend and here's 4 of you? :rofl:

  15. hi dianne! it's okay, i wasn't mad at all. it was just a joke :hug: i'm glad that you have nothing bad to say about her :wub:

  16. it's okay, i wasn't mad at all. it was just a joke :hug: i'm glad that you have nothing bad to say about her :wub:

  17. thank you emilia, you don't forget :hug:

  18. me fine, just bored a bit

  19. lovely ava:) :wave:

  20. hello :wave: how are u? :)

  21. omg :o!!! thanx for the last editorial!!! it's so lovely, i saw the pics how this session was going and thought i never see the editorial itself! 1000 thanx and kisses :hug:

  22. thi first words is: "and how is yours evening going?" ... haha, just writing in the dark:)

  23. on how is yours goimg, susanna? i hope you are not boring?:) maybe you'll tell us something else?;) damn, that thread is like a fever! want to hear and hear your voices:) so much fun :laugh:

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