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  1. hey soyee, how do you find my new look? :rofl:

  2. maybe, i don't know :laugh:

  3. does college give a higher education (like university)? simply i don't know... maybe we talk about one thing

  4. yeah, 2 months.. it's serious!... well, i'm going to graduate from university (not college). this is typical for russia: after school (10 years) you goes to university (5 years) then diploma and hello work!...

  5. thank you :hug: i hope so!... but i don't want to work now. i want to be on holidays like you, do nothing, boring etc. ...just for a little bit:)) enjoy your freetime! it's priceless!

  6. sorry, didn't understand it from a first time... i'm fine, now i do nothing, waiting me to accept at practice in oil company... how are you these days?

  7. i think it's clear enough... i'm jerk :laugh:

  8. i know, i know... i think it's great when you can laugh at yourself! better to pretend a fool, than the other ;)

  9. me too:))) my talk is shit... god, i'm so fooly:)))) :rofl:

  10. (with latin accent): hai bebe, i am sexy latino cuttie! :coolman: but where's my supa hat and my horse? :embarrased: :ran away in panic: ..... hahahahaha

  11. damn.. i'm like a hot mexican from some western :laugh like crazy:

  12. hehe... now with moustaches :rofl: i didn't lie :rofl:

  13. moustaches... :ermm: i never had it :laugh:

  14. and soyee have 3 red dots above her head :) quite unusual natural phenomenon :laugh:

  15. thank you :hug: saw your pics on deviantart.com! theay are great, some of them are really dramatic. i like it. one day i'll bring you some of mine art:)

  16. cool personal photo :rofl:

  17. exams was great. professors were so kind:), it was excellent! thanx.

  18. aha, you're right! but i do sometimes:)

  19. yes. i like it too. but didn't play it for a long time...

  20. yes, they made me:))) my mates

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