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  1. oh, fine. thanx! :hug: i'm at moscow suburb. it's rainnin all evening. and it was so nice to stay on open air and smoke for a few minutes:) i was out of the town to prepare my last exams in university, but preparing wasn't begin... haha! i'm so lazy:)

  2. at least you get warm:))

  3. wow paris and amsterdam! sounds great, i was planning to go to new york. but recently rejected this idea by some reasons:( thanks for wishes. i wish you all the best too! tell us when you'll take off;) :hug:

  4. hi caroline :hug: how are you these days?

  5. hey yannick :wave: i'm oleg:) i know one yannick - yannick l, he plays house btw;) he's from 'needs' music label

  6. have a cup of latte :rofl:

  7. i think it's ordinary:)

  8. hi, zero 7 lover;)

  9. looking forward!:thumps up:

  10. hey jean :wave: any your tracklists? or maybe sets to hear?

  11. hey girl! where are you? i miss you! :(

  12. haha, probably :shifty: am i doing wrong?

  13. check the movie posters;) !!!

  14. thanx for this thread! it's really interesting! your voice is great too:)

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