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How/Why did you choose your avatar?

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1. this pic looks good as an avatar and this ad is my latest obsession :woot:

2. ad for CK fregrence- CKIN2U, with my love Fraja and hot actor Kevin Zegers :brows:

3. it depends on the mood...everyday, every week, every month...I don't count the days :cain: when I feel that I need to change it I change. :p

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1. A lot of people are kinda "over" Adriana Lima now, but I think she still has one of the most stunning faces ever.

2. Miss Lima

3. Hmm, I don't know. When I'm feeling creative enough to make another one.



1. it's Adri! i can't never get enough of her no matter what ppl say.

2. Adri

3. keeping this one for a loooong time :D so idk ....

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