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Kate or Laetitia?



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    • Kate Moss
    • Laetitia Casta

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I honestly think Kate Moss is prettier. I mean she's just very pretty to her. I absolutely HATE when Kate fans are like oh well she's not beautiful, but there's something about her...Well to me she is beautiful. What's wrong with her face? She has beautiful eyes, and lips, and great bone structure. I always feel so relaxed looking at her face.

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:heart: Laetitia :heart: :heart: Laetitia :heart: :heart: Laetitia :heart:

Ms Moss is nothing more than what most of the fashion industry seems to want...a walking shop dummy with non-descript looks that don't distract from the clothes.

Not only are her eyes ugly but they also don't work...as demonstrated by her choice of less than respectable boyfriend...neither of them have an aura of good health.

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Laetitia Casta afcorse! She is natural beauty. Kate Moss is sexy but she is not clasic and natural beauty like miss Casta! Laetitia Casta have great body, Kate is slim, she has heroin look (how fashion critic says). Kate breast is very small, on the other side Laetitia's breast is big and natural! My scale of beautifull (not famous)) : Laetitia Casta 10 Kate Moss 4

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