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  1. New stuff to buy on Genevieve's site https://genevievemorton.com/collections/all?mc_cid=b2ddec91ee&mc_eid=7ad0fb8762
  2. Happy birthday Laetitia
  3. What a beautiful dress!!
  4. A great top but what's holding it up!? Permission to investigate Miss C?
  5. Another pic in an email sent yesterday, the link leads to an additional $37 VIP option, I guess the same as the pre-order option.
  6. Are they not the full size from the camera? The bath tub series was full size and even had the original exif data
  7. Yeah I'm not having a go at you
  8. I disagree with most of that. You've got to consider this isn't the first set she has released and has no idea if it will sell, this is what, the fourth, fifth set at the same price? The pics get posted by someone that wants to be seen to be the great helpful guy in a community, like this one for example. He'll suck up the $30 cost because he has done a 'charitable act', or at the very least he hopes he'll get other sets from other people in the future as a kind of payback. Then those people who have got the pics for free want to be seen to be the man in other communities, before you know it, they are all over the internet. Making them cheaper will only make them spread quicker because $10 (?) is far easier for most to throw away on content they are prepared to share. To make it more exclusive you'd charge way more to discourage sharing...or provide buyers with the pics in a format where the only copies on the internet for free would be inferior quality scans or photos, like a calendar or coffee table book. I'm really suprised that the photoset business does not have software that places a unique digital watermark concealed in each photo (not exif data) that is linked to the mailing list so that when the copyright owner sees a full size image on the internet they can trace exactly who that particular photo was mailed to originally
  9. After I realised that I only looked at the bath tub pics twice after purchase I haven't bought any more, the pics are ok but it's expensive in this format. I'd want a printed calendar for that kind of money, something that lasts a year rather than five minutes.
  10. Here's the preview. The email twice mentions the fans request for a calendar (and photo sets) and promises an extra special surprise for pre-orders....seems a bit of a strange combo to order a digital set and get a free surprise calendar, I presume the other way round would be more likely....so I'm thinking it's a making of video. https://genevievemorton.com/products/unseen-lingerie-shoot?mc_cid=5494bff2a8&mc_eid=7ad0fb8762
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