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    Liam Gallagher

    Biography for Liam Gallagher Birth name William John Paul Gallagher Nickname Our Kid Height 5' 10" (1.78 m) Mini biography Front man of British rock group Oasis. IMDb mini-biography by: Anonymous Spouse Patsy Kensit (7 April 1997 - 22 September 2000) (divorced) 1 child Trivia! Son, with Patsy Kensit, Lennon Francis Gallagher, was born. [13 September 1999] Brother of Noel Gallagher Nearly drowned in a river when he was a child. He has a stepson, James Kerr, and wrote a song about how James changed his life called "Little James". Shoe size: 8 Mother: Margaret Sweeny Gallagher (better known as Peggy) Father: Thomas Gallagher (or Tommy) Parents got a divorce when Liam was just 12. Co-wrote a song with John Squire of the Seahorses entitled "Love Me & Leave Me". His second child, a son, Gene Appleton Gallagher (first child with girlfriend singer Nicole Appleton) was born weighing six pounds three ounces in London. [1 July 2001] Born on the same day as KoRn drummer David Silveria. Has a daughter, Molly, (b. 14 April 1997) with Kill City singer Lisa Moorish. Is of Irish descent IQ of 164. Is a supporter of Manchester City Football Club. The godmother of his son Lennon is Elizabeth Hurley. Personal quotes! "Discipline? I don't know the meaning of the word." "Everyone knows that if you've got a brother, you're going to fight" "Lennon was right. And we are bigger than Jesus. We will be as big as the Beatles, if not bigger." I don't hate Chris Martin. I don't know him, know what I mean? I just thinks he's a bit giddy. He ought to calm down, he isn't gonna save the world. "People are always going on about 'Oh, you've failed in America.' I've never failed at anything in my entire life. I got out of the bedroom when I was a young f**king lad, and I'm in a great f**king band. And now we're playing at Madison Square Garden." "Americans want grungy people, stabbing themselves in the head on-stage. They get a bright bunch like us, with deodorant on, they don't get it." "I suppose I do get sad, but not for too long. I just look in the mirror and go, 'What a f**king good-looking f**k you are.' And then I brighten up." "There's Elvis and me. I couldn't say which of the two is best." my love, mi idol, i love him so much
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    Robert Pirès

    Robert Emmanuel Pirès (born October 29, 1973 in Reims, France) is a French international football player, of Portuguese and Spanish descent. He plays for Villarreal CF as a winger. He normally plays on the left wing but can play all across midfield or as a support striker. Full name Robert Emmanuel Pirès Date of birth October 29, 1973 (1973-10-29) (age 33) Place of birth Reims, France Height 1.85 m (6 ft 1 in) Playing position Attacking midfielder, Winger..
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    Aaron Diaz

    Name : Aaron Diaz Date of birth : 7 March 1982 Place of birth : Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico Birth name : Aaron Díaz Spencer Height : 6' (1.83 m) He plays drums and likes singing He likes soccer and swimming His parents own a restaurant. His favorite series is "Friends" (1994). Likes listening to the music of Carlos Santana. Used to live in San Francisco, California, where he obtained his High School education and was also a model there. Went to college at San Diego, California. He used to live in San Francisco, California, where he obtained his High School education and was also a model there. He completed his college educating at San Diego, California. Aaron is very artistic. He plays drums and likes singing; he especially likes listening to the music of Carlos Santana. He's also active in sports, he likes soccer and swimming. When he returned to Mexico, he decided to pursue acting. He enrolled at the Centro de Educación Artística (CEA) of Television. As a student, he received an opportunity to star in soap opera. His first starring role was playing Kiké in the youthful soap opera "Class 406" that broke record. More acting offers soon followed.
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    where i can find more pictures from this cute photoshoot....?
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    Kristen Stewart

    she's so beautiful,
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    thanks for the great candids.... ale looks gorgeous
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    Keira Knightley

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    Emina Cunmulaj

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    Caroline Winberg

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    Jeisa Chiminazzo

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    wow, she looks incredible beautifull.
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    Official BZ Top 10

    1. Alessandra ambrosio / Daria werbowy 2. Jeisa Chiminazzo 3. rosie huntinton whiteley 4. natasha poly 5. caroline trentini 6. hana soukupova 7. natasha poly 8. Eugenia volodina 9. raquel zimmerman 10. caroline winberg
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    anja is a beautiful baby.... she looks so much like ale
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    Michael Phelps

    he's so hot. i love michael :wub2:
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    Age Actress Competition

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    Yelena Isinbayeva

    i love this woman...