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  1. can anyone with a rexfeatures account please help with some pictures? i need HQ pictures of The Killers, especially these but any would do really...thank u
  2. Brandon and his wife had another baby boy last weekend, his name is Gunner! congrats
  3. i met him backstage at Hard Rock Calling last friday....hes so much more gorgeous in person!
  4. ive seen it...i like the video and the song is okay... id preferred 'A dustland fairytale' to be a worldwide release instead of the Europe/US divide but yer Brandon looks hot in it....but when does he not...*swoooooon*
  5. it is him tho...Alex Kapranos it was taken at the MGMT/The Ting Tings gig in Brooklyn
  6. she looks really really cute in that last candid! love it not so much the wannabe Amelie haircut
  7. if she even remembers how to do that
  8. she has the same expression/pose in almost every pic.... anyway super rock star Aggy at T4 on the Beach aka the Glastonbury for wannabe's
  9. her gym outfit is what i would wear on a night out hahaa the second outfit is ruined cos of the shoes.. cute dogs
  10. i cant stand seeing her with Albert
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