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You waited me? ^^


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Hello everybody!

I live in France, near to Paris so I apologize if my english is approximative sometimes. My real name is Marine and i'm 20.

My hobbies are internet, RPG, litterature (all genre)... I wish visited the USA and Japan. Hum... I like models and actresses, it's seems to be important to be here lol My favourite is Miranda Kerr but I like Jessica Alba, Sophia Bush, Isabeli Fontana and Ana Beatriz Barros too.

For men, my favorite is Wentworth!!! But i love Chad Michael Murray, Akon and Thierry Henry lol ( a french soccer).

I hope to have fun here with you and to meet nice people.

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Thanks for your all welcome! ;)

Year, les français sont dans la place!!! lol

rouge red, i like rpg forum especially, but contemporan, like gossip girl for example. But it is always in french, I don't speak anymore english for rpg in english. ^^

yay, i play rpg on forum too (well at least i did, i don't have enough time to do so these days), and of course in german :rofl: otherwise i'd shoot myself sooner or later when i have to look the next word up.

but am i allowed to ask how it goes? are it really long posts or is it something like the chat rpg with *laughing* *goes to the door* or stuff? i'm asking b/c i'd love to know how the french do it :D

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