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  1. Bon Anniversaire ^_^

  2. I like very much this series. The sarcastic humor of the Dr House makes me laugh always a lot and the mysterious medical problems are very interesting.
  3. For me, Jessica Biel is his better loved choice until now. Thanks for this pics!!
  4. Daniel Guichard --> "Mon vieux"
  5. Sexy girl! Thanks for this pic.
  6. Yes I love her dress and her purse.
  7. She's really a wonderful woman... My idol!! ^^
  8. Goblinlaya

    Brad Pitt

    I don't see a lot of his film ^^
  9. Hum I don't like very much these women ^^ but I prefer Penelope Cruz nevertheless.
  10. I'm fine. Thanks and you? ^^

  11. How are you Marine?

    big :hug:

  12. Goblinlaya

    Now Playing

    Vanessa Paradis --> "Marylin et John"
  13. Goblinlaya

    Brad Pitt

    I looove Brad Pitt, particularly in "Rencontre avec Joe Black" (french title). He is so cute when he sleep with a woman for the first time of his "life". ^^
  14. Goblinlaya


    I'm sorry, I have made a lot of mistakes in my post. I have edited it, sorry. But i am happy to have help you.
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