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Elsa Hosk


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2 hours ago, toodarnhot said:

^ Could you please not use my gifs from my signature as your avatar? At least without asking.  :ninja: 


This is why we can't have nice things yo :cry: 


Glad she walked something but those clothes are horrid :rofl: wish she had done CH or Oscar de la Renta but oh well

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If you'd like me to make you something from that video, I would be more than happy to. Just ask. :flower: 


I'm not sure what shows are left for NYC, but it would be nice to see her at something else before they wrap up. I very much doubt that she'll fly anywhere for the other fashion weeks. 



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They're really not that similar to me- totally different noses and mouths, and Nat's face is wider and more square. Their eyes are the only thing to me. :idk: Also that mash up is stolen from an artist on deviantart. It's not from Reddit. 



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