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  1. i'm whelmed. nothing jumped out, just a whole lot of meh.
  2. @Clauds @JazzyJas2.0 you guys see she came out with a mascara finally?
  3. Say what you want about the new spring preview and all, but man those mauve-y pink colors are just calling my name. Also not all that surprised to see the diversity, forced or not, in the campaign. Their every day angel/survey program had a whole topic devoted to people's thoughts about not just the models, but sizes as well.
  4. Generalization, also campaigns is plural because it hasn't been a one time thing.
  5. Again, what's the point of having contracted angels if you're gonna use some random models in the campaigns too?
  6. If you tell me those FLLxVS looks aren't someone just got a bedazzler, I'm calling you a liar.
  7. Always late to the party but there are some shots of Alexina from the "holiday" shoot that I actually like. The red bra + tulle and one with a more neutral face in PJs suit her better than her OTT mid-life-for-a-model-crisis stuff. Also can we not have these random girls shooting like Brigit, Winnie, and Lorena (though I appreciate her fuller appearing chest for personal shopping reasons). All these angels and still gotta have some random girl that no one outside Bellazon/TFS/maybe instagram is gonna know when the general public probably can't even name any of the angels. (I interviewed at VS a few years ago and if they didn't know who the fuck Candice was, I have no hope general public does either) That said I'm loving the red bras and I absolutely have no reason for a red bra.
  8. Whoever did hair and makeup for the lingerie shoot really needs to reconsider how bland they made the girls. Romee looks awful, and Alexina looks so haggard in those shots with her hair up I forgot I was looking at a younger woman and not someone in her 40s. The accessory shots look so much better. That might be one of my favorite shots of Stella honestly.
  9. Um excuse me but 2010 gave us Maryna Linchuk punching a balloon and Katy Perry trying to grab asses so obviously that wins all. /s Little disappointed the new luxe lingerie collection won't be used for some show looks. Kinda get a 2008 Black Tie Holiday/Dangerous/2014 Angel Ball feel from some of them. On a slightly different note, besides trying to deep dive into respective threads (because I tried), would anyone know of a good place to look for some old VS pictures? I'm looking for some from holiday 2017 and can't seem to find the ones I'm looking for besides in a very small size.
  10. Especially noticeable in the youtube beauty community. These influencers will be hanging out posting pictures together and I can't tell who is who because they all look so alike due to the way they apply their makeup. It looks exactly like what Carolina is doing and exactly what toodarnhot described.
  11. The white wall pictures are giving her such greasy hair vibes that the set pictures don't have.
  12. Not a single word. Granted I'm following the same but swap Taylor for Sara + Babs.
  13. I think it might be one of the in-store displays. Not sure you can buy them.
  14. Call me curious, but do you have an issue when IG accounts like DietPrada or ShitModelManagement blast photographers based on allegations from models with nothing but their word?
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