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  1. Victoria's Secret Fashion Show (2017)

    Jo and Jas probably could handle big wings. Jo especially with her #BodyByIza like abs coming in strong.
  2. Victoria's Secret Fashion Show (2017)

    I think Ale could handle big wings. Weren't hers from 2011 Passion really heavy and she was pregnant at the time?
  3. Victoria's Secret Fashion Show (2017)

    Going back to that makeup discussion, I think VS tried the smokey browns in 2012? 2013? It was a lot better than the transparent look of 2015. If they're going the same route as usual, I wouldn't mind last year's makeup again. The simple cat eye worked so well.
  4. Victoria's Saltiest

  5. Robin Holzken

    That pink bikini is doing a number on me
  6. Victoria's Secret Fashion Show (2017)

    We could probably bounce a 4k livestream off her forehead during the show.
  7. Robin Holzken

  8. 2018 SI Swimsuit

  9. Victoria's Secret Fashion Show (2017)

    Still could get good satellite reception off her forehead.
  10. Victoria's Secret Fashion Show (2017)

    Lot of my favorite girls from the past are at callbacks plus Robin. That's exciting! I wouldn't be mad about a lot of these ladies making it.
  11. 2018 SI Swimsuit

    That Sarina girl honest to god scares me. Like I shouldn't talk because I'm scary in a swimsuit but damn. Girl is giving me nightmares.
  12. Edita Vilkeviciute

    How many fragrance ads does that make now?
  13. The Official Victoria's Secret Thread

    For what it's worth my comment about Taylor wasn't negative. I think her body looks fine (especially compared to my heavily overweight self), but I still stand by saying anyone is going to look the odd one out with a softer stomach standing next to the abs parade.
  14. The Official Victoria's Secret Thread

    Anyone would look like they've gained some weight standing next to all those abs.
  15. Vita Sidorkina

    She looked beautiful at her wedding but that bottom white wrap section of her dress was awful. So much better without it.