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  1. I love Karlie, but these shoots weren’t it in 2011, and they ain’t it now either
  2. That doesn’t make her not a rookie. My understanding is the model search is what it is called, they are searching for models to put on the issue, it’s not official. There have been women referred to rookies during their second year in the issue, for whatever reason, I don’t really know the logistics of that.
  3. I just realized Christen Harper increased her chances of being cast by about 200% by speaking out about her experience with Asian discrimination so I’m excited for that. I hope she is cast. It’s like every new person they cast has to be making a separate PC statement. #endattractivewhitefemalediscrimination
  4. She's just so fucking ridiculously god damn hot
  5. She's not a land whale and is actually attractive so she has no chance of being selected
  6. Don’t get me wrong, I think this is some of her best stuff in awhile. But why do they feel the need to sacrifice photo quality/resolution to touch up a photo to all hell of one of the most naturally beautiful humans on earth. Ugh, that shit pisses me off
  7. MJ is the worst. So many absolute babes passed on, for land whales in bikinis. It is criminal.
  8. I mean just post it, for anyone still bitching about reposts, there is way more bandwidth being taken up by shitty instagram posts than reposts, there might even be more bandwidth taken up with people bitching about reposts on here, and nobody wants to have to go back 30+ pages to find what they're looking for anyway
  9. This must be fairly recent, yeah? I don't think it has been posted. People on here act like reposting something is the end of the world and it's going to crash the internet. Let's be honest, nobody wants to have to scroll back through hundreds of pages of mostly instagram content for an occasional post of real content
  10. Was not expecting a butthole pic on here!
  11. I'm not surprised because they usually don't have the athletes more than once or twice, but I'm disappointed they didn't have Genie Bouchard back. She was the saving grace of the releases for the past couple years in my opinion. I personally think Kate has been one of the better ones recently, but that's a pretty low bar now to be fair. The rancher theme is atrocious, whoever thought of that needs to be fired. I thought some of the themes in the past were bad but holy shit. I think Emily could have been a decent shoot if not for that location and theme. Such a travesty that every year they hav
  12. Movie is being released for streaming (not sure where, netflix?) on September 4th. Hnnggg I can’t wait. Gonna break the internet. By the descriptions of her scenes the trailers are the only PG rated bits of the film
  13. I get the impression that many models and supermodels are hilariously out of touch with the way the rest of the world works, much like politicians
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