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Lais ribeiro is perfection,:wub::wub::wub: her opening in last segment is on fire but They have a little edited her opening, jasmine , stella and Martha have an opening that lasts longer

I love wings this year, I am surprised by the downtown segment, the music and the girls who walk work very well.

Poor taylor hill, her opening is bad, but she's very beautiful

Poor zuri, i hope it's not her last show, she deserves a opening , please vs

Adriana the best,  she deserves this screentime

some girls have been shown that 0,5 seconds is really a pity

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The quality isn’t the best of that download. I just got it to see the show then at least wait for a better quality version.


Candice and Behati I don’t think even spoke in any backstage segment. Adriana had the most screen time for obvious reasons. I think Jo, Taylor, Jasmine and Martha after that. Elsa, Lais, Sara. The angels I felt like I barely saw were Romee, Stella only on the runways same for Behati and Candice.


If they wanna do 7 runways they really need to make the show 1.5 hours longer. And honestly please take away some performers. It was all way too much.


The shows just don’t improve and they haven’t since 2015 onwards. The moment they stopped highlighting the Angels the show has dipped majorly. I really hope all the negative press they’ve been getting is really going to finally make them see a change is necessary before they completely go under.

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17 minutes ago, PinkCouture said:

Not sure has anyone posted this question yet but it is so easy to be negative so let's try to balance it out by being positive :D 


After watching the broadcast of the show, what did you like about it? :hehe: 

Leomie Anderson!!! I just love her attitude. I was happy that she got that a bit more screentime in the Floral Segment, because she was only wearing one outfit. I just love that girls personality.

Other than that I really enjoyed Halsey, Shawn and The Struts. The energy was perfect in those segments! I think the MK collection wasn't that bad, the prints and the details were actually amazing. It just did not belong on the VS catwalk, it was more like a New York Fashion Week collection :)



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