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1 minute ago, wintery said:

oh my... Jo's look is like a nightmare come true


1 minute ago, marinebing said:

they took it way too seriously when we were saying there was too much good things for Jo ... Give this to Devon...


2 minutes ago, EsraLima said:

Wow I really don't like Jo's outfit ! 


2 minutes ago, heartwing said:

Oh sweet Jesus that outfit on Jo is awful.  That's WAAAAAAAAAAAAY too busy and an eyesore 

I believe this will be the opening segment and I'll skip that because I don't wanna see this ever again.

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is this for real tho? I mean, that is not even wearable. and in this case you cannot pull the "fashion is art" card on it bc I doubt the majority of people will appreciate it for it's "artistic" calibre. a jumpsuit, but with those cold shoulder things, and INCORPORATED GLOVES? in what world is that functional? :woot:

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2 minutes ago, jessicanicole said:

I guess we can expect more hunched over walks from Jo. 

If Jo struggles to walk in something that weighs less then a newborn baby, then Jo needs to see a specialist about her back issues, my 95 grandma wouldn't struggle with that.  :rofl:

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