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2 minutes ago, Gustavocruzxxx said:

Yep for Elsa, I knew it, and she made a third fitting today so that gave away info !


So sad for the people rooting for Martha.... 


Whats section do we know so far ? Celestial, tartan, Mary k and the crazy flowers and Pink ?


I was hoping for her but I'm happy for Elsa!! 


2 minutes ago, Queenanna said:

Did she find out she is wearing it during fittings? Seems like a last minute decision 🧐

Idk why but I have this feeling too

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2 minutes ago, Freak said:

I like the details but we won't see that on the runway, i feel like it will look like the rest of the bras. They need to add wings to make it stand out. 


If you look at the closeup of the bra in this shot you can definitely see that the way the diamonds connect to one another mirrors the look of how stars within constellations connect.

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This year’s fantasy bra was created using 100% Swarovski Created Diamonds and responsibly sourced topaz. Valued at $1 million, the 2018 Dream Angels Fantasy Bra and body chain are adorned with over 2,100 Swarovski Created Diamonds in a sterling silver Dream Angels bra silhouette. The set took over 930 hours to create and has over 71 carats with the center piece.


No real Diamonds. The Vogue article was incorrect. 

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I don't know guys what you were expecting it to be.


Previous years you've been all complaining they were boring and ugly and you were expecting something different. This year you REALLY have something DIFFERENT and you're still not happy about it. I think that even if they showed up with the most expensive fantasy bra that's full of details and sparkles and a lot of other things, you all would say it's still ugly because it's too much.


Give it a rest.

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I actually like the bra in motion. Don’t love it, but I wouldn’t say is horrible/ugly. Is just simple compared to the others fb, but still nice. :) I really thing they can make it work adding some embellishments/wings 

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6 minutes ago, flush said:


Oh wow ty for the video. I didn't expect her to be like this, what a cute voice. I kinda get now why a lot of you like her so much ❤️ The bra looks so much better in motion!


What do you think about the video? 

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I don't know why but I actually like the bra. 

Maybe because it looks good on Elsa and she actually looks great in it like as a whole package lol.


One thing I've always wanted to ask.. 

Does VS actually really have to pay for the fantasy bra's? Like it's PR for the jewellery also and usually they take out the complete bra after the show so can't they sort of re-use all diamonds and stuff? No clue how that works but maybe anyone of you know? 



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