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1 hour ago, Fuka said:

Why Lais and Candice are not in the group photos ?? they are not going to do the balmain section ??


Candice is supposed to be in punk. Maybe she was pre-occupied. Alot of Adriana's time was spent up stairs for some interview. Maybe the same for candice

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Taylor, Cindy, Devon, Bella, Sui, Maggie, Alanna, Megan, Victoria, Lily, Adriana, Jo, Lais, Ale, Maria & Frida - UHQ

GettyImages-876482630.jpg GettyImages-876482632.jpg GettyImages-876482656.jpg GettyImages-876482660.jpg GettyImages-876482666.jpg GettyImages-876482674.jpg GettyImages-876482684.jpg GettyImages-876482686.jpg GettyImages-876482688.jpg GettyImages-876482698.jpg GettyImages-876482716.jpg GettyImages-876482720.jpg GettyImages-876482724.jpg GettyImages-876482734.jpg GettyImages-876482760.jpg GettyImages-876482488.jpg GettyImages-876482624.jpg GettyImages-876482636.jpg GettyImages-876482658.jpg GettyImages-876482682.jpg GettyImages-876482694.jpg GettyImages-876482710.jpg GettyImages-876482750.jpg


Reminder: All backstage images that have been posted in this thread can also be found here:


If you are going to repost any of these images on social media can you please credit Bellazon, myself or @phenobarbie who has graciously went out of her way and spent hundreds upon hundreds of dollars (I'm not exaggerating) each year making sure this forum has UHQ pictures. Thank you!


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