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1 hour ago, *Luna* said:

Lol okay. Where did you read that? I'm not a plastic surgeon or anything, but they don't look fake. 


It was obvious from candids that she became perkier (and no, I'm not talking about push-up bras and similar tricks). They don't have to look fake, if tastefully done.

Not my sole observation, many people have noticed.

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3 hours ago, Schemer said:


It was obvious from candids that she became perkier (and no, I'm not talking about push-up bras and similar tricks). They don't have to look fake, if tastefully done.

Not my sole observation, many people have noticed.

Women's breasts can change naturally too. I personally don't think they are fake but I guess she and Jamie are the only ones who know :p

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All I can say is she looks absolutely gorgeous at both events, fake breasts or not. There are videos of her with Adriana, probably late 90s/early 00s where they look exactly the same (compared to now). 

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EXCLUSIVE: Alessandra Ambrosio's first love was a pudgy teen who was teased by their friends for 'punching above his weight' but was brokenhearted when themodel left him to strut the catwalks of New York


Even as a young teen, supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio’s angelic face was the envy of her peers.
With long dark hair, a slim figure and a smoldering smile - she had no shortage of male admirers.
But where most local boys in her hometown of Erechim, Brazil failed, Giovani Borghetti managed to woo the brunette beauty and became her first boyfriend.
A friend of Borghetti has revealed how the pudgy teen boy was teased incessantly for 'punching above his weight' and friends would even place bets on how long they would last as a couple.
Borghetti - despite not being the best looking or the tallest guy in town - was the envy of his friends when he managed to charm Ambrosio, and the couple dated for two years when they were  aged 14 to 16.
At the time, Ambrosio, now 35, was on the cusp of being recognized as one of the most beautiful women in the world.
Ambrosio would later become one of the highest paid models on the planet, modeling for Victoria's Secret, Christian Dior, Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein and gracing the covers of glossy magazines such as Vogue, Elle, GQ and Marie Claire.
Jealous friends would make fun of Borghetti, telling him they were running a sweepstake on when the unlikely couple would - inevitably - separate.
Yet despite the taunts, Ambrosio and Borghetti were smitten with each other - and the model was upset when they finally made the mutual decision to end the relationship two years later.
Mutual friend Luciano Gemelli, 41, who claims he was the first person to tell Ambrosio she should be a model, recalls: 'Giovani was, to put it politely, not the best looking guy in Erechim.


'He was a bigger guy but not tall. Maybe the same height as Alessandra. Just. He was battling weight issues as well.
'But he had the guts to ask Alessandra out and she said "yes". They dated for a couple of years, just before she got famous here in Brazil. He was her first boyfriend.
To be honest he was pretty brave asking her out. I think a lot of guys were too in awe of her to ask her out. But he did and credit to him for having the courage to do that.
'He was punching above his weight, for sure. Friends used to take bets about when they would split up. It became quite a sweepstake.

They’d tease Giovani about it, telling him, "It’s going to happen soon". Obviously it did happen and they did split.
'It’s still pretty cool to have been Alessandra Ambrosio’s first boyfriend though.'
Gemelli also recalls telling Alessandra she could be a model when she was aged just eight.
He said at the time he was 14 and they were both members of Jupem, a Polish music and dance folk group from Erechim, which has achieved national success and recognition in Brazil.

And although now Ambrosio - who commands over $6million a year in modeling fees - can be seen dominating catwalks as a bronzed Victoria's Secret Angel, back then she was a timid, quiet girl who barely spoke.
'She was shy and awkward back then,' Gemelli recalled. 'I remember seeing her sitting on a bus as we waited to go somewhere.
'She was quite shy and never said much. You could just tell that this girl would blossom into the incredible beauty she is today.
'I told her, "One day you could be a model". She looked at me as if I was crazy. But I just hope that planted the seed in her mind.'
Ambrosio appears to have taken her friend's advice - as just a few years later when she was 12, she enrolled in a modeling school.
A year earlier aged 11 she went under the knife for corrective ear-pinning surgery because she didn't like the way her ears 'stuck out' and this gave her the self-confidence to thrive as a model
Aged 15 - shortly after she began dating first love Borghetti - she began modeling for agent Dilson Stein and entered the Elite Model Look competition.
Although she didn't win, the competition led to her being offered a modeling contract and her first big job with Brazilian Elle.
She split with Borghetti and moved to New York, where she shared an apartment with fellow Brazilian models Gisele Bunchen and Adriana Lima, and saw her career go from strength to strength.
Ambrosio dated fellow Brazilian model Marcelo Boldrini for around four years from 2001 to 2005 but the couple reportedly split as a result of the supermodel's meteoric rise to fame.

She was also linked with Brazilian magazine editor Steve Allain, before meeting her longtime fiancé Jamie Mazur, an American businessman, believed to be the love of her life.
The couple, who have two children daughter Anja, seven, and son Noah, four, announced their engagement in 2008 but have yet to set a wedding date.
But despite her glittering modeling career and relationships with rich and famous men, one of Ambrosio's closest friends Janaina Piccoli, 36, says the model is still the down-to-earth girl she remembers.
She said: 'It’s always good to see Alessandra when she comes home. She’s lovely and down to earth. To me she’s still the same friend who loved playing tetherball.
'Success has never gone to her head. She doesn’t drink now but we have good laughs when she is home.'
Picoli, who still lives in Erechim, also remembers the model’s first boyfriend and recalls Ambrosio being saddened when they split.
'He was certainly lucky to be with Alessandra,' she said. 'She was sad when it did end though.
'It was a mutual decision for them to split but he knew it was coming. I don’t think she has ever seen Giovani since then.
'Soon afterwards she started dating another Brazilian model, Marcelo Boldrini.'

Loredan Giocomel, owner of Ambrosio’s favorite restaurants in her home town, Cantina Giocomel, remembers the supermodel dining there with Boldrini.
A photo of himself with the former couple takes pride of place on the wall next to the stairs in his high-end restaurant.
'She has been a great friend to the restaurant and always comes in when she is home,' he said.
'It wasn’t a surprise she split from Giovani when she got famous and afterwards she and Marcelo were a great couple.
'They obviously looked really good together. But she is always happy when she is here with Jamie. They are devoted to each other.'


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15 hours ago, TKC said:

will she be in the holiday commercial??

I hope that she will but I have the feeling she won't be in it this year... :/ You'd think that if she were to be in it she would be in Paris now. Or maybe they're doing one group of girls first and then a second group this weekend/next week? No idea but I hope she will be in it. Not a holiday commercial without Alessandra in it :smile:

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