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Welcome to Alessandra Ambrosio's General Discussion thread.

This is where you talk about Alessandra in general, including unverified gossip. Don't post news or fan-related items in this thread.

Please try not to post an image in this thread unless you feel it is necessary to make or prove a point.

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I think Alesandra has very universal look, like i mentioned previously she can look very european sometime she look like mid east gal even sub continent n can b far eastern gal :wub: so east or west Alessandra is the best :heart:

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Guest MissIsabella

Well I would like to say something that I feel needs to be said.

When I first became a fan of Alessandra I looked and browsed the internet for many hours for pictures. I went to google and found www.Alessandra-Ambrosio.net and I went there and was blown away. It was so beautiful and so put together and I just remeber spending so much time on it. I feel like it is the best Alessandra site on the net and I feel like it is to much for Aelora to handle. She is a great persona dna very devoted fan.

I emailed once to tell her about how much I liked the site and she responded promptly and very sweetly. I emalied her some picture and she gave me the videos I wanted. She would do anything to bring a smile to someones face and I have always strived to be that way and she is someone I feel like many could look up too.

With my modeling I have become very lucky with contracts adn with those come money of course. I see that Aelora trys her hardest to keep it up but by my own experience it is very expensive to maintain a site let alone a site that nice. I love to help people out and on Monday I will be doing something that I hope She will except becasue she most definatly deserves it.

Aelora I would like to donate $5000 to your site I hope that will keep you up for a while and you will able to make some really nice updates to the site!

With all the love and support


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