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  1. Happy Birthday ^_^

  2. i have a question: i need to get a movie off of my ipod and onto my computer, is there a way to take a movie off an ipod and onto the computer
  3. If you drop anyone from a top of a building it would break ok genuis, and im sure you have already attempted that. I said nokia fones are durable but you cannot customize. i never said nokia's are inferior. You are protraying me to be someone who is anti-nokia for so some idiotic reason. I even said in my last post that I have used three nokia's, i'll list them again: 3390, 6360, and the 6800. I said i prefer motorola over nokia because nokia does not allow me to make my own mp3 ringtones, upload pics as wallpapers in jpeg format, and use a common computer cable to do so. If i wanted to customize my fathers 6230 i have to order a special cable thats overpriced at $50. With my razr i went into best buy and bought a usb to mini-b cable for $5. Nokia fones are good for somethings and other fones like the razr and blackberry are good for other things. Some prefer samsung, or sony ericsson. You cant go around saying that all other cell phones suck because they're not nokia.
  4. u can use limewire pro i have the installation file if u do want it. pm me if you do
  5. i have had a nokia the only reason y i prefer a motorola now because they are easy to customize. i've had 3 nokia fones (3390, 6360, 6800). nokia is more durable but the break to easily if u drop them. im a clumsy person when it comes to cell fone care. i've dropped all of my fone's at least once. just like to say one more time that everyone has there own perference.
  6. if u do not have a mac like greedy said u can use real player or windows media player
  7. Blade102384


    http://www.imdb.com/mymovies/list?l=6067012 updated, 151 titles please make sure you have an imdb account
  8. i didnt see this movie but i bought on dvd and watch it with marduk. i swear to god i started laughing my ass off
  9. Blade102384


    The Whole Ten Yards: Lazlo: What are you shooting in the neighborhood for let everyone know we're here. Go on go next door so them the weapon, where are you going? Lazlo: Loojack the in Poosche Strabo: No, Papa. Its... uh... You say LoJack Lazlo: I didn't quite hear Strabo: Oh, LoJack [Lazlo slaps Strabo] Lazlo: Don't correct me. Don't ever correct me. Do you like getting hit, is that it? You're a freak who enjoys pain? Strabo: Of course not Anchorman: Ed: Ron I have to fire you Ron: Well I've got to fire you, Bing Bang Bong
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