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  1. This is a photo from probably 15 years ago, looks like it may have never been released before. From Alessandra's Instagram this week:
  2. Thanks for the higher res--yeah I still wish I could see more of her in that red dress. Looks so hot on her. Oh well.
  3. It's Alessandra's 38th birthday today! Anyone got more pictures of her in her birthday suit? 😏
  4. Hey, I know this might be a stretch, but does anyone have any other photos of Alessandra wearing this hot red dress (ideally uncropped to show here full figure)? She and Adriana both look especially beautiful here. From a photo with Ryan Seacrest.
  5. Wow--very strategically posed. I love it.
  6. More like this please!
  7. Who are these other lovely ladies with Izabel?
  8. I hope she'll wear that same outfit again without the pasties ...
  9. Ok, I'll be the first to say what everyone else is thinking: 1) That diamond-chain-bra is the hottest tease I've ever seen in my life 2) Where are her nipples?
  10. Ah okay --- so I have seen most of those photos already. Those are all beautiful photos of her ... and of course, it helps that she is not wearing much. But I guess I was hoping she might show off even more, the way some of the other VS models it that book decided to go topless and not cover up anything. Yeah I think some pictures might be hard to ID because they airbrushed off the girls' tattoos. Like in the flag picture, Alessandra is missing that tattoo she has right above her butt. True fans will notice
  11. That's understandable. However, many people have posted pictures from the book, and she seems strangely absent from them. So either she's not prominently featured in the book, or people are just going out of their way to especially not post her pictures .... hmmmm.
  12. Oh by the way, while we're talking about Russell James--I've seen so much less of Alessandra in the scans from the Angels book than other VS models. What's up with that? Just see his thread here. Where is she? Only pic of her from Angeles I ever see is that one with her arms crossed and hair blowing ... anyone know if there's more??
  13. Thanks--what a beautiful picture of her in the red dress with the flowers. I still wish we could find it high res
  14. Oh wow, thank you! That first image especially is so pretty.
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