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I hate that Alessandra Ambrosio is leaving Victoria’s Secret. I enjoyed the exposure she received from the brand, although she hardly worked for them the last few years. Her presence on the VSFS was unmatched. She had a cute way of making herself memorable, even if the outfit she was granted was mediocre. She will definitely be missed!


Here are some of her best moments with VS that I can recall:


Started off being a “Fit Model” &

walking in her first VSFS - 2000


First pair of wings - 2001


Participated in the “Angels Across America” tour - 2004


Received her Angel contract - 2004


First ever brand ambassador for PINK - 2004


First segment Closing in “Rome Antique” - 2007


Participated in receiving VS’s “Hollywood Walk of Fame” Star - 2007


First segment Opening in “The Modern” - 2008


First VSFS Opening - 2009


Wearing the first ever Swarovski Outfit while garnering the heaviest wings ever in “Passion” - 2011


Floral Fantasy Bra - 2012


Dream Angels Fantasy Bra - 2014


Swarovski Wings in “Portrait of an Angel” - 2015


First VSFS Closing, while wearing her 2nd pair of Swarovski Wings in “Nomadic Adventure” - 2017



*Film & T.V. appearances aren’t included


(Add or correct me if you find that I am wrong or if I’m missing any key moments in Ale’s VS career).

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I use to depend on AlesBeijos for upcoming news regarding Ale’s future and current projects. Sad that the website is now deactivated.


Anyone know of any reliable sources on how to find out if Ale’s up to anything new or has done projects that have yet to be revealed??


I’d hate for her to slow down in the modeling world. I would hope her decision to leave VS will translate to bigger/more opportunities to be involved with many other relevant brands, etc. (exposure).


IMO, her current agent Luis M. is not doing a great job representing Ale. Her old agent seemed more involved. She was everywhere - covers, shows, events, a brand ambassador, etc. Luis seems to be more focused on Gigi and the “Insta celebrity.”

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On 4/11/2018 at 11:53 PM, *Luna* said:

I honestly don't think those rumors of her and Jamie separating are true. They haven't confirmed anything and Jamie posted this for her bday:




I thought the same at first but now I think they are done :/ They have legit not been together on any of her trips in months and I was waiting to see if they would even spend Coachella together and of course they didn’t and that’s rare for them. I also went back to that pic to see it again and it seems he deleted it

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