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Miss Popularity... RESULTS

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Devon Windsor

dd1c9b523737439.jpg ad2f6b523737440.jpg 833557523737443.jpg

Jessica Gomes

HtufwjDy.jpg  91d782520618527.jpg 5KedDfWJ.jpg


Liu Wen

W6M6TWyA.jpg UXwNEnZu.jpg j0FFe4Mh.jpg

Lauren Layne

52a312524036057.jpg 6f97e8524036062.jpg 78caf2524036064.jpg

Imaan Hammam

dc669f523549333.jpg a897c2523549336.jpg fe95c0523549339.jpg

Anna Ewers

d75bd8522791349.jpg b7d339522791351.jpg 044c50522791354.jpg




  • Six models have been randomly paired, and are not to be compared against each other.
  • Each model will be given a score between 1 & 5 (5 being the best) based on how much you like them. Any score combinations between 1 & 5 are okay.
  • Examples





  • Each model must be given a score and 0 does not count

Devon Windsor
Jessica Gomes
Liu Wen
Lauren Layne
Imaan Hammam
Anna Ewers

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