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Hilary Rhoda


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  • 2 weeks later...
everyone is coming back to runway




CELINE, coco and stam were there too, too lazy to post the pics :laugh:

OH EM EF GEE!!!! What the heck! how late am i! what the heck! so hilly is friggin alive! but im like... the last person to know! hahaha!

thanks for posting those sam sam! :hug:

man! im a friggin retard for missing hilly! but is that the only show shes in? i definitely didn't see her at milan! hopefully shes in paris for balenciaga! nicolas does love her!

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i mean.... I LOVE Hil!!! but i'm just concerned about her high fashion career!

but if she doesnt want to be a model anymore... and be "normal" then her weight is totally undestandable and i'll support her choice of saying goodbye to the industry.

Ok, as you advised me not to see Hil's new pics, I came to this thread to see them! :D

Maybe she's also pregnant :| I mean....Sasha probably isn't, but one of my thoughts for which she's not on the runway, is that she may be pregnant...so maybe Hil is also? :| :rofl:

It's similar, I mean...Hilary did only 1 show in NYC, Sasha also did one.....

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hahahhahahahaahahaha!!! layla! you are soooo friggin cute!!! :hug: hahahaah! now that you've seen her pictures.... isn't she huge!!! (i love hilary) and whats sad is that when she was shoot vogue espania... when she wasn't even that big... they said she was fat! straight out!

man! but hil probably gave birth already if thats the case! hahahaha! (i love hilary) coz shes been MIA since fw ss08!

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