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  1. haha! geesh! i wish! michael was just there in spirit with allison mosshart! and i dont know... my friend pointed that out too! ... i guess i do like a lot of chick music! but yeah dead weather, florence, band of skulls, charlotte... my top picks!!! dude!!! how can you NOT like charlotte when she wears balenciaga pants in the middle of the dessert! thats boss!!! alright! i'm gonna bounce! i'll see you guys when i see you guys... except for michael!
  2. haha! good point! hey im here for the second time and not just that one time! hahah!

    i hope all is well. i'll see you around! ...bz!

  3. nah... not really.

    hello to you too.

  4. haha! good question! you should go to the DNA office and ask them personally!

  5. Coachella Day 3 this vid i made doesn't even sum up anything!
  6. aAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! so much music updates/stories to tell. SO LITTLE TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. nosaj.

    crazy light show.

    amazing with small closed venues!

    just saying!

  8. so i did three days of coachella and died. i miss you guys! not michael though! we were playing table tennis the other day with allison and jack.
  9. hahah! i died and came back from coachella!!! how are you! i've been MIA yes!

  10. gosh! i miss BZ! i miss you! i rarely have time to do anything now!!! waaaaaaaaahh!!! except FB and twitter bc its attached to my phone!

  11. hahahahaah!!! omg!!! yes!!! hhahaahahaha! i AM hiding in between music festival and work! not vogue though! or anything remotely close to it!

  12. hey dave matthews! haha! yesterday i was at my friend's janky studio and just making up random dirty electro music when that line came up! hahahah

  13. nah girl! no probs! i actually figured it out! haha! thanks so much though!

  14. is that first one the actual bands name? cuz I googled and no results. nosaj thing... you saw him live? hells yeah! it was more like a party! it was so last minute too and i didn't even know the dude! here... i recorded the visual part for my friend
  15. casablanca's mullet grows fast nosaj thing (really cool visuals!!!) ESKMO... hot and band of skulls.... again! oh and who by the way... tweeted me back because i missed their free show in long beach!!! hahhahaahah! awesome!
  16. hahah! GURL! i call myself a douchebag for tweeting! hahah! and YES!!! DO NOT get one!!! it'll be the end of normalcy!

  17. haha! but yeah! feel free to call me a douchebag for tweeting! hahaha!

    (which bacame even more so tonight because of VS)

  18. THIAGO!!! did you watch VS? did you see CAROL?!!! gahh! i'd die to have her on my AV in her first set!

  19. eww... i don't follow trannies! ...and i dont mean tila! hahah! at least shes slightly interesting! hahahah!

  20. something something bad romance something something

  21. WHOA!!! Dave Matthews dresses!!!

  22. it was a very swell season at the wiltern last week! vampire weekend for the new year!!! STOKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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