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    I love crazy people who laugh all the time!<br /><br />Rilo Kiley<br />Feist<br />The Bravery<br />The Ting Tings<br />The Yeah Yeah Yeahs<br />Grand Ole Party<br />Cansei De Ser Sexy<br />YELLE<br />Metric<br />The Killers<br />The Strokes<br />The Deadly Syndrome<br />Franz Ferdinand<br />Modest Mouse<br />Interpol<br />Under the Influence of Giants<br />Skybombers <br />The Misshapes<br />Gliss<br />Venus Infers <br />The Little Ones<br />Seawolf <br />Polyphonic Spree<br />Great Northern<br />Glen Hansard<br />Marketa Irglova<br />VHS or Beta<br />Pop Noir<br />Castledoor<br />Midnight Movies<br />Mazzanine Owls<br />The Western States Motel<br />The Minor Canon<br />Mika<br />Silversun Pickups<br />Cat Power<br />Lets Go Sailing<br />Blond Redhead<br />Tegan and Sara<br />Data Rock<br />Justice<br />Vampire Weekend <br />Peaches<br />Whitey<br />Justice<br />Tiny Masters of Today<br />Cold War Kids<br />The Kills<br />Carolina Liar<br />Does It Offend You Yeah?<br />We Smoke Fags<br />Care Bears on Fire <br />Be Your Own Pet<br />Operator Please<br />The Virgins<br />The Duke Spirit<br />Io Echo<br />Bloc Party<br />Hot Hot Heat<br />Gorillaz<br />New Young Pony Club<br /><br />Steve Aoki's bunch!!!

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  1. Heeeeey gurl! Come back! And uh, Happy Birthday :D

  2. Happy Birthday

  3. where are you girl??

  4. Celine! Gurl come back! And Happy Birthday :D

  5. Happy Birthday C, we miss your crazy posts :p

  6. rofl. Hey, I know you're probably not a big fan of VS (I'm not really eaither :ninja: ) but what do you think about when people say a high fashion model is versatile in terms of crossing over because they can do VS? 0.0 To me that's not what versatility means. o.o

  7. I've been better lets just leave it at that :P

  8. haha so your just teasing us eh!

  9. haha! geesh! i wish! michael was just there in spirit with allison mosshart! and i dont know... my friend pointed that out too! ... i guess i do like a lot of chick music! but yeah dead weather, florence, band of skulls, charlotte... my top picks!!! dude!!! how can you NOT like charlotte when she wears balenciaga pants in the middle of the dessert! thats boss!!! alright! i'm gonna bounce! i'll see you guys when i see you guys... except for michael!
  10. haha! good point! hey im here for the second time and not just that one time! hahah!

    i hope all is well. i'll see you around! ...bz!

  11. nah... not really.

    hello to you too.

  12. haha! good question! you should go to the DNA office and ask them personally!

  13. you back then?

  14. I was trying to solve a mystery, but I don't know whether you noticed or not, why is it that it seems like 90% of models are measured as having 35 inch hips regardless of how slim or wide? :|

  15. :O You'z went to Coachella? LUCKY!!!! I'm good! Been busy in life, but still make time for BZ and such. Good to see you back! :D (even if it is just for this one time!)

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