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3 unique girls!


3 unique girls!  

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  1. 1. Devon vs Gemma vs Lily - which one is the most unique?

    • Devon Aoki
    • Lily Cole
    • Gemma Ward

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i'm sorry but devon aoki, lily cole, heather marks, caroline trentini, audrey marnay... they all share facial features with each other so i agree that sasha resembles gemma but i don't think devon is more unique :p

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I voted for Lily, not because I like her the most, but cause she has the most interesting features in my opinion. and her red hair contributes to her exotic look.

Gemma is very pretty, and she's 100 % NOT average looking. Altough Sasha slightly resembles her, I wouldn't say they're twins. Gemma has way more delicate features.

Devon's face is unique, but I don't like it at all, so... My vote was for Lily :)

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Well, I took Lily, of course. Something about her is really fascinating. But I can't decribe what it is. Besides, I found her truly beautiful.

I like Gemma, but she's always looking so damn innocent :-)

And Devon, I don't know, I never got warmed up with her.

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I don't really like her, but I voted for Devon because she has a unique look that is a mix between European and Asian features. My second choice would've been Gemma as I haven't seen many who look like her, but I've seen quite a few people who look like Lily.

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