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The Bellazon Cup of Nations IV


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BRAZIL 3 vs CANADA 2 1- 2

Alessandra Ambrosio vs. Jessica Stam 68.5 - 20.5

Simone Villas Boas vs. Anais Pouliot 44 - 46

Agatha Moreira vs. Crista Cober 43 - 47



CANADA moves on to Repechage Round 3   :weightlift:   :weightlift:   :weightlift:

Brazil is eliemated from the competition  :cry2:  :wave:  :wave:



NOOOOOO!!!  :cry:  :cry:  :cry:  :cry:


Before I vote, Pretty I'm kind of confused (becasue I don't know any of them besides Toni): The names above the pics are:  

[A] Toni Garrn vs. Korina Longin[C]; 

[C] Alena Blohm vs. Maria Piskac[C];  

[C] Agatha Moreira vs. Meri Gulin [C].


While on the list below says 

1: Toni Garrn vs. Korina Longin

2: Alena Blohm Boas vs.  Meri Gulin  

3: Dalia Guenther vs. Maria Piskac


So matches 2 and 3 are different there. Which one should I believe to?  :ninja: 

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1: Toni Garrn vs. Korina Longin
2: Alena Blohm Boas vs.  Maria Piskac
3: Dalia Guenther vs. Meri Gulin 


is correct. Somehow this morning the names got mixed up when I was uploading the pictures and adding text. I attempted to fix the issue twice and I thought I was successful, apparently the edit didn't stick because I just now edited the list once more and it's corrected now. Might have been a hiccup with the forum, or something wrong with my service provider which was running at a snails pace this morning.


I've corrected all names for those who've voted to get rid of any confusion.

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