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Whos got the best runway walk?


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i forgot to post mine...hahaha!!! i really think natasha poly walks very good and very professional...she has a very formidable presence on the runway..when she walks, she demands attention and that whats exactly you're going to give her...hahahaha!! i attached some photos from the vs fashion show..post-3693-1149213499_thumb.jpg post-3693-1149213534_thumb.jpg





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Best walks IMO are:

Natasha Poly

MariaCarla Boscono

Morgane Dubled

Eugenia Volodina

Doutzen Kroes

Heather Marks

Emina Cunmulaj

Luca Gadjus

Caroline Trentini

and of course, Gisele Bundchen :p

They're my fav cos they're all "signature walks" - you can tell who's the model walking even without seeing her face.

As far as "smooth- clean" walks go, inguna butane, elena bagucci, Katja Shchekina and their likes are very good (Y)

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i agree with taben bout what he said.."the signature walks"...you could really tell that its them walkin' without seeing their faces...giseles walk is really seductive...it emphasizes her curves more..and also mariacarla..like her too...

what do you think bout heather marks? i like looking at her when she struts in the catwalk...but still, natasha tops my list...

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