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Happy Birthday Lovely Gisele #giselebundchen #icon #legend #birthday #lofficielazerbaijan - L'official Azerbaijan


Начинаем неделю с поздравлений. Сегодня великолепной Жизель Бундхен исполнилось 35 лет. Happy Birthday @gisele! #happybirthday #giselebundchen #birthday #supermodel #monday - Harper's Bazaar Ukraine


"Когда вы счастливы, вы делитесь с другими счастьем. Когда вы себя не любите и чувствуете себя несчастными, вы не способны делиться чем-то еще, кроме этого." Сегодня день рождения Жизель Бюндхен! /// Happy Birthday to Gisele! #giselebundchen #supermodel - Grazia Russia 


post-90040-0-1445991374-99158_thumb.jpg post-90040-0-1445991374-99753_thumb.jpg post-90040-0-1445991375-00343_thumb.jpg
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Some Vogue homages 


The Cult of Gisele: Why the Supermodel Continues to Captivate




Gisele Bündchen in seven Vogue Paris covers
En savoir plus sur http://en.vogue.fr/fashion/fashion-pictures/diaporama/gisele-bndchen-six-time-vogue-paris-cover-girl/11619#kiDtZBtdFR5KMSzZ.99

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so adorable ^



from Harry Josh  :heart:


All morning I have been thinking about what the perfect picture to post in honor of my friend @gisele 35th birthday. I have dozens of covers, fashion spreads and advertising jobs where she looks incredibly breathtaking and the hair looks major! However it doesn't really do justice to who she is as a person and what kind of a human being she has made me become. I am grateful for her guidance and friendship of 17 years, and this is a snapshot from a holiday we took together back in 2002! 13yrs ago . Happy birthday my friend! Thank your gracing this world with your kindness and compassion  #friendsrule


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wow, so many friends send their blessing and love to our queen.like Christy Turlington, Naomi, Cindy, KK, Riccard, Marc Jacobs, m&m, Patrick, Mario, even Vogue Paris, Muse, People, Missioni, Valentino....


She is fabulous at every age, and the best is yet to come.

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Gisele has contacted me months ago thanking me for my support over the years :D, today I received a gift from Brazil. (I will keep the gift a secret because Sick as My Secrets is also getting one, dont want to spoil the surprise). Just thought I would share. :)


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I think everyone remembers noughties Gisele, and given that was 10-15 years ago she is bound to look older than then. She no longer looks girly, but she is a 35 year old woman. She doesn't have the fuller face anymore and she is freckly. I don't really like the observation "she looks really old" anyway for anyone really. Why should she look a certain way at all?

Also Miche, that's really lovely for you :) you really do deserve it!

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