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  1. Yes, she was traveling to my city from LA for a modeling gig. @modelknowledge She told me she was going to my city for work. When I looked at her Instagram, I saw it was for a modeling job. She was a very nice woman. She was actually on both of my flights from LA to my city - was next to me in one and behind me in the other. I was flattered because the flight attendant assumed I was her daughter.
  2. Fun fact: I recently sat by her on a flight. :-P She is still stunning and also has a great personality. I thought she looked like a model, so I googled her name after the flight and found out who she was ?
  3. @Schemer That's what all the young nepotism girls are doing. They sign contracts to appear with or have a "relationship" with a male celeb. Sophia Richie is currently doing this with Bieber. Kendall, Gigi, and Bella are the queens of contractual PR relationships.
  4. She obviously wouldn't be where she is if it weren't for her parents, but I don't mind her. I like her personality from what I've seen of it. She's pretty charismatic and is also openly religious. Also, her photos can look stunning. Facially, I certainly see more in her than in the Hadids.
  5. She completely has a model's body, but I still have a hard time being convinced on her face (the eyes and nose... ). Regardless, she is going to be absolutely huge in a few years.
  6. I don't think Barbie is a bad role model for children. The only argument I can see of her being a bad role model is the fact that some view her as unattainably thin (I've read that researchers have measured her proportions, and her figure actually is impossible to attain; to me, though, she just looks like a thin/healthy woman). So, if an overweight child played with Barbie, that child might feel bad about herself as a result. On the flip side, one could easily argue that Barbie is an example of good diet and fitness, so she's actually a good role model for children (especially ove
  7. I've heard the same thing about supplementing with HGH. It can make a person's head big...also jaw and nose, I think. Also, I too have noticed that people who work out a lot tend to look older. I notice this the most with women. I think it's largely because as people get older, they naturally lose fat from their faces, and this effect is amplified for those who exercise a lot since they have low body fat. But it also probably has to do with the fact that if you spend a lot of time exercising outside, your skin will face the elements more. Honestly, I suspect there's eve
  8. @JazzyJas I use that same BECCA highligher. I haven't used many highlighters, but I've been very happy with the BECCA Skin Perfector Poured Creme in Opal. I pat some on the tops of my cheekbones, my cupid's bow, the bridge of my nose, and sometimes dab it the inner corners of my eyes and on my brow bone.
  9. This is how I feel. I legitimately don't see it at all. It's kind of interesting to me that so many find her pretty, though - shows that beauty really can be in the eye of the beholder! Her new Tommy Hilfiger commercial for "The Girl" fragrance kills me because it could be amazing with (IMO) a more attractive model.
  10. ^ Valid. I kind of had that sense, as well.
  11. She's gorgeous, talented, and one of the very few positive role models girls have today in the entertainment industry. So happy with the way she's carried herself amidst Kanye's various attacks on her over the years. I like some of his old albums, but he's progressively getting to be more and more disgusting and misogynistic. He's talented, but not nearly as talented as he thinks he is (also, his voice sucks). Thanks, @Schemer, for posting the words to her speech. I think she's really pretty and generally dresses well, but I haven't been big on her haircuts the past few
  12. Thanks, Pretty! Hannah's boobs look so fake...what was she thinking? For someone with so much modeling experience, you'd think she'd know how to get a subtle, tasteful boob job. Her face looks more plastic, too. Botox maybe? Gigi's body is overrated IMO. Nina is perfect for swimsuit modeling. I used to really dislike her face, but she's won me over over the years. She has a great energy and her face is very beautiful once you get used to it. Kelly Rohrbach's body is underrated.
  13. Yeah, I think curvy bodies are getting more "in" for various reasons. The Kardashians really propelled that trend, IMO. Rap music also glorifies "thick women." And there's that whole body positive movement on Instagram.
  14. More impressions: Bo is really pretty. I saw people saying her face was off...I mean, kind of, but I wouldn't have noticed if it hadn't been pointed out to me. I like Emily DiDonato a lot, but her body doesn't strike me as perfect for swimsuit.
  15. Hailey's gorgeous! Happy for her that she got the cover. I do wish they had put a swimsuit top on her, though. A topless photo just lacks creativity.
  16. I haven't looked at the pictures in depth, but here are my first impressions: I love that Hailey got the cover. She's stunning. Wish she had a bikini top on, though. I mean, it is the Swimsuit Issue, after all - not Maxim or Playboy. I also wish her hair wasn't dyed so light. I think darker blonde brings out her features more and makes her look more unique. Erin's hair...wow. It's nice that SI likes to use the girls' natural hair texture, but that just looked terrible. Ashley Graham is stunning. As someone said earlier, it's unusual for a girl that big to st
  17. I've noticed this about her from day one. Not many models are like that - better in photos than live - but she definitely is.
  18. Barbara looks worse than I would have thought. I think it's partially SI's fault, though, because they could have chosen better shots of her for that video. I don't think she's that much bigger now than she was for VS - VS just chose better angles of her body and gave her pushup bras. I do think her face looks good in the video, though. The hair and makeup is on point.
  19. Yes, bald guys should cut their hair short. Do you believe the world is getting trashier? @Myfashexp I liked it a lot! So much, in fact, that I took a second trip.
  20. Haha, maybe not the best beverage, but it's up there! Weirdly, drinking coffee reminds me of being in Europe. Until recently, I was never a coffee drinker. However, the times I've been to Europe, I've always been given coffee to drink . So, part of the reason I like it is because it reminds me of enjoying life in Europe (including your country, I believe, @Myfashexp). Do you believe soda is worse for you than alcohol?
  21. She is so perfect for high fashion. Really liking her quirky look.
  22. Hailey Clauson Beauty 9.5 Sexiness 9 HFV 9 Mass Appeal 8 Likability 10 Lindsay Ellingson Beauty 4 Sexiness 5 HFV 6.5 Mass Appeal 6 Likability 5 Lana Zakocela - don't know her, but she's gorgeous in those pics. Beauty 8 Sexiness 8 HFV 8 Mass Appeal 8 Likability 5
  23. I don't follow SI that closely, but I've always found Samantha to be very pretty facially from what I've seen. She looks trashy at that event and her boobs look really fake, but in general I haven't had a problem with her. I know I'm in the minority on this. Nina looks so pretty and natural at the event. Genevieve Morton looks awful, but I always think she looks bad.
  24. Let's not forget this girl was "discovered" by none other than the Biebs...
  25. +1. Don't stay in mediocre relationships just because you're bored or feel bad for the other person.
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