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I hit 1000!

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:p I hit 1000 and I feel the same, imagine that, *goes and sits in the corner* :mellow:

46% in Adriana's section :p o boy. First I like to thank me, for my discovoring this beloved site while searching for an Adriana picture. Second I like to thank the smilies, so many to choose from :thumbsup: so a big thumbs up there. Without them I could not cimmunicate my many yet insignificant emotions. And last but certainly not least, and I find most important, everyone else who enjoys my many wallpapers, big hug there :hug: cause without you I would probably be dead, face down in a pool...actually lets not go there. Anywho thanks, I will be taking a short break while I do a school project that will probably take up the paper time, but I will still be around to laugh, cry, post, and take time to think what the hell was Kate Moss thinking when she took of work for a snow day :p

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seriously, I've only seen you posting in the wall paper section. Each post has at least a few walls and so it seems like you put a lot of work into one post, apart from the "your welcome" posts which btw sometimes have even more walls attached to them. Anyways congrads and thanks for the walls. You da Wallpap'r Man, oh yeah!!

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Thank you :hug: I try my best. The way i figure the more I make the better, thays why when I say i am retiring I go back cause I need as much practice as possible :) I came in new to this to I am kinda a noob, I didn;t grow up with a computer like most, I didnt have one till i was 16 :( even then I only had the internet, didnt even have word :blush: .

I well never stop, well unless im dead, then I have no choice. :laugh: :p :whistle:

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