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^In one point I slightly agree with @Sliva... I think jealousy/dissatisfaction with the own life in general is playing a big part in such comments.


I don't know if you heard about the story with Robert Pattinson and one -well- persistent fan of him who claimed to be madly in love with him. I don't know anymore what she was doing to come him near but one day he was so tired of her actions he agreed going on a date with her. Guess what he was doing? He bored the shit out of her :rofl: He never saw her again lmao





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Maybe he is collecting headphones after countries? 🎧 What means he used the french edition in Cannes ya know :rofl:






You know what


I love headphones too and I have many of them because they don't last for long time 😂😜

Quality is not good these days.



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Who is creating those stories? :rofl:


Leonardo DiCaprio tricks his girlfriends into thinking he’ll marry them but he won’t: Rumor

Leonardo DiCaprio, allegedly, tricks his girlfriends into thinking that he’s so committed to them to the point that they will eventually get engaged.


According to National Enquirer, most often than not, Leonardo DiCaprio just lures his girlfriends into dating him, but that’s about it. After years of being together, the relationship with just ended without an engagement.


“Leo sniffs beauties who are half his age, but once he gets in a relationship, years go by and they realize they’re no closer to a wedding than the day they started dating,” the source said.


Toni Garrn thrilled she’s no longer with Leonardo DiCaprio

The insider also claimed that DiCaprio’s ex-girlfriend, Toni Garrn couldn’t be happier that they are no longer together.


“Toni realized Leo is every woman’s worst nightmare. As he ages, the girls he chases get younger and younger. Toni jumped ship before she became another of Leo’s Peter Pan dating casualties,” the source said.


Camila Morrone waiting for Leonardo DiCaprio to propose

This isn’t the only rumor surrounding DiCaprio. This week, OK! magazine claimed that DiCaprio put his girlfriend of four years in the same position.


After all, Camila Morrone has, allegedly, been hoping to get an engagement ring from DiCaprio. Unfortunately, it seems the actor has no plans to get down on one knee just yet.


“She’s patiently waiting for some show of commitment from Leo, but he’s not even trying to act like a guy who’s in a serious relationship. It’s a dilemma because they’ve been together almost four years, and Leo’s famously known to get bored with his girlfriends at this stage. Fact is, he’s not the kind to stay at home when he has the chance to let loose!” the source said.


Rumors debunked

However, one should take the tabloid’s claims with a grain of salt.


*It is unclear where DiCaprio got such a bad reputation when it comes to his dating life. But it’s possible that these claims are coming from the fact that he hasn’t tied the knot.


But it is important to note that this is the actor’s personal choice, and everyone around Leonardo DiCaprio should learn to accept it.




*I wonder that too. 🤔 But 💯 to this last statement!

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Can't help but she kinda has a point :D Maybe Leo wasn't sarcastic LOL


Leonardo DiCaprio Had an Unfortunate Halloween Costume For Stepping Out With His 24-Year-Old Girlfriend


Leonardo DiCaprio’s 2021 Halloween costume sure was an interesting choice. Normally, no one would bat an eye if a random person went as a 100-year-old man for the spooky holiday, but this is an actor who doesn’t date a woman over the age of 25.


According to Page Six, DiCaprio attended the Beverly Hills bash with 24-year-old girlfriend Camila Morrone dressed as “a 100-year-old man.” (See the photo HERE.) There’s already a 23-year-age difference between the two, so either he was spoofing himself or he didn’t see the irony in his choice of Halloween costumes. And this isn’t a big secret in Hollywood, the Oscar winner has a very specific type of woman he likes to date: Models who are between the ages of 20-25. After dating a bevy of beauties, the Oscar nominee has maintained a pattern of going after supermodels,” revealed Hollywood Life, via Slate, in 2016. That was five years ago and the habit has only continued.


Even Reddit has taken a deep dive into his dating history. Three years ago the dataisbeautiful subreddit had a conversation going about his preferences from 1999-2019. Reddit user TrustLittleBrother, created a graph based on British tabloid reports that chronicled his love life to illustrate that DiCaprio’s age goes up, but his dates stay the same age. (See the graph HERE.) There are very familiar names on that list, including Gisele Bündchen, Bar Refaeli and Blake Lively. It also revealed that the average age of his former girlfriends is 22.9, even though he gets older and older with each passing year.


So maybe The Revenant star wants to think of a more clever costume in the future because if he isn’t trolling us, then he definitely has become the joke. And Morrone has one more year before she reaches the DiCaprio expiration date, so maybe we should send her the chart as fair warning.





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It's the Sun but reading about Leo and Rihanna using their tongues makes it worth :p


Leonardo DiCaprio Made Out With A Model Few Feet Away From Rihanna After They Broke Up?

Leonardo has dated quite a few A-listers in Hollywood and has always been very open about his love life.




Leonardo DiCaprio is one of the popular Hollywood celebrities across the world. Not just his craft but also his love towards nature and fans is known to the world. Today, we bring you a throwback of the time when the superstar broke up with singer Rihanna and made out with a model when his ex was standing just a few feet away from him. Scroll below to read the scoop.


Leonardo has dated quite a few A-listers in Hollywood and has always been very open about his love life.


It was 2015 when Leonardo DiCaprio and Rihanna’s brewing romance rumours were the talk of the town. They painted the town red with their love and were going full out smooching each other in front of their friends and didn’t care about the world.


According to a source close to the Sun, “Rihanna and Leo were really going for it. They were passionately snogging and didn’t seem to care if anyone saw.”


The source continued and said, “They were using tongues so there was no mistaking it for a friendly smooch.” The duo reportedly first met at a birthday party in 2014 and kissed each other at the same party and later celebrated New Year’s together on Caribbean island while ringing into 2015.


Soon after, Rihanna and Leonardo DiCaprio broke up and the actor was spotted with another model at a party.


According to Radar Online, it was the Titanic actor who called it quits and a source close to the publication revealed, “They were making out,” about his new fling while the Diamonds singer was standing a few feet away from the ex.


Well, Leo being Leo.



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