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3 hours ago, pamchi21 said:

saw these photos in instagram, i don't mean to bash because i'm one of her biggest fan, but is she pregnant or did she just gain some weight? 

I always find it ironic that when a model gains a bit of weight immediately the question arises whether they are pregnant, as if there is no way for a model to just fill out a bit over the years like the rest of us mortals. 


Also, if you look at Taylor throughout the years, her weight gain has been slowly progressing since the beginning. If you look at pics from back when she first started as a teenager, she was rail thin back then, barely any shape to her at all. This makes sense for a teenager, because their bodies are still catching up with all the changes. Then she started at VS and started filling out a little. Now she's in her twenties she gained a little more weight and honestly I like the way she looks now. I think it suits her. She has a nice hourglass shape. It's just noticeable because high fashion models are expected to not carry an ounce of fat and Taylor has some meat on her bones. 


But honestly I think that if you'd meet her irl you'd still be surprised by how thin she is. Most models, when you see them in real life, are tiny. I was in NY during NY Fashion Week a few years back, came across a bunch of models standing outside waiting around and I was just caught off guard by how thin they all were. Like yes, they look thin on candid pictures, but irl that effect is much more dramatic.


Anyway, from what I can tell Taylor is taking it easy this year and who can blame the girl. She's been working non stop since she was a teenager, and now she's in a financially secure enough place that she can take a step back and relax. She's got a big fanbase, she's got a solid career, people know her name. She can afford to take a break. 

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this also happened like 1-2 years ago. she gained so weight and people were criticizing her because she was eating "too much" junk food and not working out enough and there was like 2 months left for the show. but the show came and she was in perfect shape. she knows what's she doing and i don't think it's a crime that she's not killing herself with her diet and exercising

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