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  1. she's not using lancome anymore, is she not their ambassador anymore?
  2. is she wearing a wig on that last picture?
  3. happy for her, a big step up from michael 😂
  4. hi guys, does anyone know who is the man she's dating now? just curious
  5. taylor also unfollow him on instagram, she just didn't delete the photos, can't wait for her to delete those..
  6. I hope my baby taylor follows the same and delete all her pictures with him on it..
  7. seems like the ex has revamped his ig, he deleted most of the pictures with taylor on it, except for ralph lauren and 2 old photos..
  8. it's official, taylor already unfollowed michael on ig, she also unfollowed her old manager white cross and jimjordan..
  9. such a bummer vs don't use her that much in their site and ig, i've read somewhere that they complain about her work, do you guys think its true?
  10. she looks a bit bloated, is it maybe because she gained weight? still looks pretty but she used to look like a goddess in her younger days 😍😍
  11. is she base in nashville now?
  12. new dog? where did you see that? he's not updating his ig since the ralph lauren campaign?
  13. i know some people will disagree but i kind of wish they're still together, he kind of grown on me
  14. i wish taylor would have a youtube channel where she would make us peak through her everyday life, (house tour, q&a, updated whats in my bag etc) i would love to see that, i think she would connect more with fans like me 😍😍
  15. as far as i know, they have native american and turkish ancestry
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