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Taylor Hill


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11 hours ago, Prettyphile said:

Yes there is... the video is clearly overly sexual @jj3. Lingerie wearing girls gyrating back and forth to music... and hair flips.... and laughing.. the horror!


I have another big issue with the video. It appears as though the big white pole Elsa & Tay are dancing around is a metaphor for a white man's penis... and with their dancing it's clearly a sign of white man penis worship... that's racist and sexist rolled into one..





outrageous! this needs some japanese censorship:




and elsa! this isn't even her first offense!

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I really, really like her. 


I think from all the VS she is the most versatile. She has the perfect face. Just perfect. 

I like Sara as well, but she doesn't have the height. 

And Taylor's face adapts to HF and commercial. 


She looks like Audrey Hepburn at times. 


No wonder VS pushes her. She has the It factor. 



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