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The most beautiful face of cinema


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Hi :blush:

Well let's start a new game. Will be equal to the most beautiful face of

fashion but will be with actresses. Do not vote for your favorite actress, but in the most beautiful, have attention to the topic name. We started with 32 nominations, then turned it increased to 64. Thank you :wave:

Send me message with two pictures of each actress, choose the photos very well, the two most beautiful pictures they find that actress

Edit: not classic actresses

64 nominations

Nominations are over

Thanks :wave:

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1. Brooke Shields (by me)

2. Michelle Ryan (by me)

3. Minka kelly ( by LastWish23x)

4. Olga Kurylenko (by Theron)

5. Mila Kunis (by Theron)

6. Olivia Wilde (by Theron)

7. Odette Yustman (by Theron)

8. Cobie Smulders(by Theron)

9. Charlize Theron (by Theron)

10. Kristin Kreuk (by Theron)

11. Chyler Leigh (by Theron)

12. Sophia Bush (by Theron)

13. Mary Elizabeth Winstead (by Theron)

14. Emma Roberts (by Theron)

15. Mylène Jampanoï (by Theron)

16. Jessica Lowndes (by sarnic)

17. Lucy Hale (by sarnic)

18. Rose Mcgowan (by pink)

19. Scarlett Johanson (by pink)

20. Kristen Bell (by pink)

21. Ashley Greene (by pink)

22. Jessica Alba (by pink)

23. Aishwarya Rai ( by Joe > Average)

24. Keira Knightley ( by me)

25. Halle Berry( by Joe > Average)

26. Ziyi Zhang ( by Joe > Average)

27. Natassia Malthe ( by Joe > Average)

28. Ashley Judd ( by Joe > Average)

29. Monica Bellucci ( by Joe > Average)

30. Natalie Portman ( by chocolate)

31. Rachel McAdams (by chocolate)

32. Freida Pinto ( by MattLoveModels)

33. Nina Dobrev ( by Berno)

34. Diane Kruger (by angeline)

35. Zoe Kravitz (by angeline)

36. Kate Bosworth (by angeline)

37. Maria Menounos ( by chocolate)

38. Cameron Diaz ( by me)

39. Milla Jovovich ( by me)

40.Evan Rachel Wood ( by prettyphile)

41. Rosario Dawson ( by donbot)

42. Missy Peregrym( by donbot)

43. Angelina Jolie( by donbot)

44. Heather Graham( by donbot)

45. Rose Byrne( by donbot)

46. Autumn Reeser( by donbot)

47. Summer Glau( by donbot)

48. Jenna Dewan ( by prettyphile)

49. Astrid Berges-Frisbey ( by sarnic)

50. Yukie Nakama( by Joe > Average)

51. Megan Fox (by vanessa)

52. Kelly Brook ( by vanessa)

53. Liv Tylor( by me)

54. Clemence Poesy ( by pink)

55. Marley Shelton ( by donbot)

56. Kristen Stewart ( by me)

57. Katie McGrath ( by me)

58. Kate Beckinsale ( by berno)

59. Alyssa Milano( by chocolate)

60. Claudia Lynx ( by Rox)

61. Shay Mitchell ( by vanessa)

62. Ali Larter ( by arielle)

63. Sophie Marceau ( by arielle)

64. Natalie Dormer ( by arielle)

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Audrey Hepburn

Are you going to include classic actresses too? Gene Tierney then!!!

Though I'd personally leave them for a 3rd and different contest... :whistle: cause it's really difficult to compare them with current and much younger actresses.

What about actresses from TV shows? If that's allowed then i nominate Nina Dobrev.

She's done some movies too... http://www.imdb.com/name/nm2400045/

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Please do not nominate classic actresses , I also think a bit difficult to compare, many only have black and white photos. I would have named Bardot, for me is the most beautiful actress ever. but it will be funny to see which of these actresses is the new beauty icon lol. :laugh:

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