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Nina Agdal


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i'm not surprised... this part is like another world in France because they are so arrogant and focus on themselve, and money.. it's ridiculous ! there's so much more to see and better than canne !


i'm not a fan of both look actually because i feel like she always had the wrong dresse ! i means look at the dress sara or josephine had ! why nina doesn't get for a one more like that or a balmain (which i looooved and would fit her perfectly) maybe ellie saab !

but, they are not totally wrong choice, just feel like the red is too dressed and the white... like, good but weird ! (those patterns and all) but she looks like a princess and that is sooooo cute!

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Apparently Cannes bans women from not wearing high heels on the red carpet. Which is a dick move.

Not every woman walking the carpet will be a model or an actress, and some might have health issues which makes wearing them very painful or uncomfortable.

Seriously guys!

Women can wear flat shoot on the red carpet as long as they are not flip flop or the shoes u are using to do your shopping with

Men have to wear a tuxedo and a tie/or a bow tie & formal dresses for women

The only thing that is forbidden on the red carper this year are selfies...  Not a win.




stop believing in everything you read on the net

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