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Genevieve Morton


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On 3/14/2022 at 12:12 PM, Dustin007 said:



Yes that's exactly the point. One single pic from an instagram story..


All she does is suing the whole internet, making that bulls**t fitness program, all models have their own fitness program so who cares ?, making ads on instagram for stupid stuff


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45 minutes ago, SympathysSilhouette said:

Her career has been rather weird after her SISE days.


I wouldn't call it weird, her career imploded when she decided to start suing her fans.

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IMO she's the most beautiful model in recent years, perfect face and almost perfect body. Hard to explain why she disappeared from modelling, she might have been very frustrated by the leak of her calendar shoots (there were a lot of arguments about this on this forum, including with her) and the twitter/pornhub story (her claim vs twitter is still on). Very sad not to see new shoots from her but on her Instagram, she frequently posts and she's still of course extremely sexy (a few examples from 2022). Hope this thread can be more active in the coming months.

271145523_670792917629986_2331400026036945063_n.jpg 271169875_651919825986791_6973420958736740141_n.jpg 271506393_619268249295287_5738844309813680011_n.jpg 271591072_412538040678007_7499706766527732803_n.jpg 271786630_142308098170384_5481987259490569098_n.jpg 271799944_622499635683000_395928738830260257_n.jpg 275124130_333432198732531_1957913016379821910_n.jpg 275536312_985060465468289_8574960981887646263_n.jpg 275542809_137824238735441_1659759539683195237_n.jpg 277597702_669306847467888_239515226525792904_n.jpg 277809879_258284489851420_2276282883769983362_n.jpg 277936471_1346756392494932_112428167696611732_n.jpg 277955780_346061164211099_2602492192592066902_n.jpg

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35 minutes ago, Enrico_sw said:

Her insta is pretty good. She's a funny one and I like her kind of humour.


Too bad she doesn't have much modelling content these days...

I guess she's OK, if you like beautiful women with epic racks...

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