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  1. This woman is phenomenal. It's the way she flits between innocence and sexiness.
  2. What it tells you is that the photos were staged.
  3. snort

    Heather Graham

    Apparently there's a team of scientists studying her genes to try to work out how she does it...
  4. I do find it odd that Cameron Hammond is so coy with the nipples, yet loves a graphic close-up cameltoe shot.
  5. I hope VS pays her a lot, because they photograph her like she's someone's grandmother.
  6. Talented and quite insanely beautiful. I assume that the only reason her career hasn't been absolutely massive is that she didn't want it.
  7. I know next to nothing about this girl, except that her rack makes me glad to be alive. But she has a perfect right to create and sell her own pictures. And because they're hers, she has a perfect right to stop them being pirated. The internet encourages people to believe that whatever is online is up for grabs, but that's not how the law works.
  8. Hard to see how the gene pool won’t be improved by more of her DNA.
  9. Why is everyone so obsessed with VS? It's a tacky brand and the whole "wings" thing is ridiculous. Plenty of models have great careers without having to pretend it's super-exciting to be allowed to wear stupid wings.
  10. I believe there’s an English bird called a blue tit, which I somehow just remembered.
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