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Natural Beauty Competiton


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Karolina Score

Next up :hehe: ...

Beauty - 7.08

Natural - 6.60

Natural Beauty - 6.917

(Fernanda Tevares, Nominated by Julia)


(blocked and reuploaded by Phenobarbie)

BTW, sorry I couldn't hear the video, this computer didn't have audio, but finally heard the Pretty and Pheno vid.


American accent = underrated?



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N: 9

B: 9

Naturally wonderful, although she´s no "outstanding" beauty.

But I´ll tell you one thing, Joe. Women can be a damn envious bi*ches, that´s why your scores are like that :laugh: They always use to say: "Only a woman can consider other woman´s beauty trully!" but that´s a shit :)

Men have eyes as well, and sometimes much less cruel than women. Men enjoy beauty. That´s why they are so good at it :)

It goes somehow like this:

Woman sees another woman. She scans her instantly and compares her to herself - is she more beautiful or not? If not, she´s able to say "What a beautiful woman" because she feels no rival there. But soon as it obvious that the woman is more beautiful than she is, she starts to find mistakes on her, just to please herself. "Mistakes" like "Look at her hair! It´s awful!" or "I got longer legs, prettier eyes" and so on...anything to make her comfortable with her self.

And I guess this is somehow how ratings are done.

And now I´m pretty curious, who will speaks out - In Slovakia, we have one saying - A shooted goose gaggled."


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