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Leonardo DiCaprio - (Please Read First Post Prior to Posting)


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18 minutes ago, FashionDream said:

I see Matt Damon is there, they really highlighted his presence in the beginning. And they really highlighted the people that "showed up" 

im sure they wouldn't want a lot of their winners to be no shows, it wouldn't look good for their show. So we'll see if there are other winners who weren't there.

i swear they better give this award to Leo! Even if this award show is not as important as the others I want Leo to sweep and I want no other actor to have opportunity to build momentum. :p 

This award show is just as important. Whom ever wins Critics Choice and the SAG is a shoe for the  Oscar! :D

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I know it's important but I'm saying it's not as important as SAG. Leo already has the Globe, if he wins SAG he's in a better position than if someone just wins Critics. Plus SAG etc are in the industry just like the Academy while Critics are not. Plus the industry had been kinder to the film, I value them more. So he can lose critics but still be the front runner for right now. But obviously if he wins critics he's in a better position than if he didn't. 


I find it likely he'll be the winner. If he loses that'll be a surprise because I'm expecting him to win this award



this will be the first time he'll be going directly against Damon. Globes they were in different categories. He won't be against Damon in SAG because Damon is not nominated. So if Leo wins this he would have beaten all of his fellow Oscar nominees in these precursors so far.

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wow, yay for leo!


thanks for all the updates. agree that while the Critic's Choice is not an important award giving body, it nevertheless helps in the momentum for Leo. also glad that despite these critics aggressively trying to put leo and the revenant down, they can't help themselves and award it to him. 


nice day everyone!


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1 hour ago, oxford25 said:

Congats to Leo on his Critics Choice win for BA   ,  I love that he did a video 'thank you'  :excited::excited::excited:


 Also , "Congrats" to  Chivo for winning Best Cinematography :excited:





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5 hours ago, Shandy said:

Yay, Leo! I just knew you'd take it. If you win the SAG, you're pretty much certain to win the Oscar.

The next two big awards are the SAG on January 30th and BAFTA on  February 14th. We'll have to wait and see but, with him winning the Globe and now Critics Choice, I'm betting he'll be a shoe in. I've watched too many of these award shows to know how it works lol! 


It's such an exciting time to be a fan! I'm sure like many of you here, I've waited years for Leo to be the front-runner. It's been  amazing to see him get all the recognition he FINALLY deserves for The Revenant.  It's HIS time!!!:excited:

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