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  1. Squeeeege :hug: I'm back :-) Hope you had a nice holiday season and all the best for 2012!

  2. Hey Ana, you asked for info on my avi aaaages ago, it's from Hugo Boss Orange ad fw 11 :wave:

  3. Whoa, I absolutely love your new set, Ophelia! So great!!

  4. ... oh, I messed up the link, sorry :blush:

  5. Gerne :-D Und nur zum Teil uneigennuetzig - ist waaahnsinnig praktisch, immer den upgedateten Link in der Sig zu haben! Ausserdem koennen ruhig mal ein paar mehr mitmachen 8-)

  6. Haha, I know what you mean :-D Isn't it the cutest thing? I just couldn't resist making an avi!

  7. Ha!! I know what you did on October 17th, you!!! 8-)) This must be the sweetest thing anyone has ever done for me, honey, thank you, thank you, thank you! :kiss:

  8. Thanks for thinking about my birthday, just saw it 8-)

  9. Thanks for the birthday-comment :-D

  10. Thanks for thinking about my birthday! :-D

  11. Thanks for leaving a birthday comment! :-D

  12. Thanks for thinking about my birthday! :-D

  13. Thanks, honey ^^ I hope, I'll find the time to check out your forum, sounds fun! Have a nice evening, Mel

  14. Thanks! Definitely need to check her out :-)

  15. Hey honey, who's the girl in your avatar? She's cute!!

  16. Haha, Admin ^^ Nee, ist total doof irgendwie, weil ich kaum noch zu den sch

  17. ... ever been stalked by a mod? O_o ;-))

  18. Thanks, hon! I'm still kinda excited about it, haha :-)) No, no problems yet, everyone is really nice and helpful so far, I love BZ! :-) I hope I'll be a good mod, there's so much work to do!

  19. Hey Jude, not a Stones Fan in general but they had some awesome tracks before the 80s happened and I've always liked Mick Jaggers Voice, style and the whole rock star attitude.

  20. Hey honey, your inbox is full ... meh. Have a nice weekend, Mel

  21. Hey there, glad you like it! Feel free to download it directly via right click - I made it myself - and here's a link to the original vid on youtube: http://youtu.be/Ju_kqVIsnBg Stunning line-up Tom Ford casted there, my my <3

  22. Whohooo, someone noticed!! :bounce: I've been smiling like the Cheshire Cat all day :-))

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