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  1. BTW Did I just see you using the f-word in your about-me-page, I can't believe!! 8-)) Thought you might like this:

  2. Joe, ... we need to talk ... :dramatic pause: :-D ... 'bout the rule where the questioner needs to confirm the model's ID, we can't pm them all ...

  3. You're so welcome! Haha, I realised it's like training, I now recognize more girls than ever :-D not that this would make any real sense anyways, but everyone should have a hobby 8-)

  4. Ha, I knew you would love the Carmen-Sweetness <3 I did so many avis lately it's hard for me to choose which one to use next :sigh: Hugs&kisssssssses

  5. Hey siiiiiiiis, here am I again - couldn't leave you crazies alone for too long ^^ Just been busy and didn't find the time to come here :-(

  6. Ah, I just realized you need to approve comments, I thought I wrote to much in the first comment coz it didn't show up *hihi

  7. Hey Rob, back again 8-) Still making my way through the tons of posts I missed ...

  8. Hey Rob, ja, I'm still alive and kickin', so to say :-) Real Life had taken over and I didn't had time nor nerve to go online after work. But I'm back now, still making my way through the tons of posts I missed ...8-)

  9. Aaaw, shame on me, I missed your birthday, hon! So much love and my best wishes be-lated, sistaaa! :kiss:

  10. Thank you thank you thank you soooo much and a million times for helping with the Firefox-Problem!!

  11. Haha, funny thing I got my mom's eyes too ^^ No, I haven't read the book yet, is it worth reading it?

  12. I looove the Last Unicorn, it has always been one of my favorite films. If that's yorself on the pic, I have to say you have gorgeous eyes, honey ^^

  13. Thanks a lot, Squeege, I can't believe how fast time's running, I'm a Bellazon-Dinosaur ^^

  14. Hey Jennka, I just have to tell you, I loooooove your avatar!

  15. Hey, just saw that you left a comment - of course I remember! Nice to see you hanging around again :-)

  16. Heeeey Sis, nice new photo! Just saw your comment - haven't been at BZ often, but now that Fashionweek started ...! All IS well though, I hope with you and Louis too! :kiss:

  17. Happy Birthday, Charlotte! :wave:

  18. Hey JOe, just read your comment. Was busy for quite some time! That's Queeny van der Zande in my current avi, she's cute, isn't she :heart:

  19. Hey Joe, yes, that's my cat Jurgen ^^

  20. Find ich uebrigenz geil, die ganzen Bilder von Juergen untereinander *lolz

  21. Nnnnnoch heute und morgen und dann bist Du wieder da! Nnnntoll!!!

  22. MmmmmmmmmmR***!!! *schmmmmmack*

  23. NNNNR***MAUS!!! Hier is kalt und ich hab immer noch nich gesaugt. Und das Internet is doof. Aber sonz is sch

  24. She already did 5 shows in NY (still counting) and I'm expecting her to be all over London, Milan and Paris. Or at least I hope so. She did fine last season so I don't see why she shouldn't get several high class shows over here :-)

  25. Hi Harry, nice to meet you too! Yulia's one of my favorite girls at the moment and I'm sure she'll do great this season!

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