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  1. Kumma bei Barb, schoene Zirkus Krone Foddos, Do!! Und Pl

  2. Your doggie is SO cute!! It's a ridgeback, right? My friends got one and he's the friendliest guy around! I've got an adopted dog too btw, but she's a crazy little shepherd-mix.

  3. You're so welcome :hugs:

  4. Thanks for you help! :hugs:

    Have a nice weekend!!

  5. Welcome to the board :-)

  6. Litteeeeeeelllllll!!! WWWW!!! *schmack*

  7. Hello dear, nothing new to tell, I've got a cold, but am needed at the office and am suffering. :-((( But enough of this, I hope you are doing fine! BZ's a bit slow at the moment, I wonder why there are only so few who are posting!

  8. Happy Belated, Marty!! :hugs:

  9. Do, de Artikel, ne! Dat is ja schon wie Weltherrschaftsvision, ne! Sollen die mal Barb und Jen nach vorne bringen! Do, dat erkl

  10. Und reserviert is auch schon!


  12. SO in love with your Cintia/Macy's set!! :heart:

  13. Hi Marty, Juergen's got his usual psychotic Blasenentzuendung, but nothing serious, I just took him with me when I visited mum. Okay, I can understand why he gets psychotic there :-) Hope, Fussili's doing well! CU, Mel

  14. Thank you, Francy!! :kiss:kiss:

  15. Thank you, hun :kiss: So many people congratulated me, I'm so moved & happy!!

  16. Hey, danke sch

  17. Thank you, Layla!! :kiss:

  18. Thank you, E! :kiss:

  19. Thank you, wicked!! :kiss:

  20. Hey, thank you, darling! :kiss: I celebrated on saturday into my birthday and it took me all yesterday to restore :lolz:

  21. Thank you, Pink! :kiss:

  22. Boh, wie scheisse sieht die Marcia-Alte denn in dem Kleid aus? Is ja nich zu fassen! Und die Longoria geht auch mal wieder nich, n

  23. Aaalso, Moschino mag ich sehr. Armani hat sch

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