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  1. You're so welcome :-))

  2. Yeah, that girl really can walk. Even Ale Ambrosio and Victoria Beckham said that she's amazing on the catwalk. I'm so hoping she'll be at NY fashion week again (walked Ms Sixty fw 09)!

  3. That's Mandy Bork - glad, you like her! There's a link to her thread in my sig :-)

    Unfortunately not much to see there yet, but I'm sure she'll make it :-)

  4. Thanks for your help! :kiss:

  5. And you did good by opening a thread for her! I guess her look's just not commercial enough to be a big hit at BZ ...

  6. Skye's gorgeous, isn't she? I'm so happy he got the Cacharel compaign, I just had to make an avi :-)

  7. Bestimmt! Die FashionWelt ist klein :-)

  8. Oh, and great blog btw!

  9. Hi Samira - scheint, wir haben einen ziemlich aehnlichen Geschmack ;-) Welcome to the board!

  10. You're so welcome! *hug*

  11. Thanks for the info, Emmm! :-)

  12. Thank you, Bella! :kiss: I just figured out how to do it and now I

  13. Thanks, Ree! I love Vlada's change in haircolor! Schoenes Wochenende wuensch ich Dir! Pssst, I think you're right, it's Barbara for Deichmann ... :-)

  14. Seems we are the oldest ones around HAHA Cheers, Mel

  15. DaumendrueckDaumendrueckDaumendrueckDaumendrueckDaumendrueckDaumendrueck

  16. Hey Kiki, just wanted to leave some hugs & kisses & best wishes for 2009 :-)

  17. Happy new year to you too, dear, and all the best for 2009!

  18. Hey dear, happy new year to you too! :hugs+kisses:

  19. Happy new year to you too, Antonia! I've been offline for a while, but now I'm back again!! See you around, dear :kisses:

  20. Happy new year to you too! :-)

  21. Happy new year to you too, darling! Been off for a while but I guess now I'm back :-))

    See you on the forum *kisses*

  22. Hey, happy new year to you too!!

  23. Hi dear, hope you enjopy the christmas season! Just wanted to drop a "hello" and some bisous :-) :kiss:kiss:

  24. Aaaw, thank you so much, Baron! I was just kidding of course, but this was the nicest thing somebody said about me ever! :beam:

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