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Status Updates posted by Layla90

  1. :* Happy Birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday my Peruvian beauty! :))

  3. Happy Birthday fellow Leo!

  4. Your Birthday's today, really? Could have sworn it was in July?

    1. Berno


      Ha its actually June 27 I don't know why it is set to may :P How are you keeping, its been ages :)

    2. Layla90


      It really has-as evidenced in the fact I'm replying over a month later :P so... Happy belated Birthday :P

  5. Happy Birthday! How do you enjoy being an 8-year-old now? :D

  6. Happy Birthday ;)

  7. Hey, I wanted to write you a message but it seems like your inbox is full :)

  8. Hmmm so I thought you'd like to know that song with the (.)(.) :P music video I posted in your thread some time ago got into the finale of Eurovision? Not that it's anything prestigeous of course not but I thought I'd drop you the performance video from yesterday. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=miJr9Fj2zNQ

  9. Any chance for you to post a bit on BZ before May? :hehe: miss you!

  10. Hey where are you? I thought you were done with travelling for some time now? I mean, you need to save some money before you depart AGAIN?:P

  11. Randomly decided to visit your profile feed and noticed your Birthday is exactly in 5 months and 5 days :o

  12. Girl where are you. I checked some models' threads and I think it was a mistake, haha, little things making my blood boil. With you, at least I'd feel like someone would leave a witty comment. Kisses!

    1. AnaBBarrosFan


      I have to come back! I miss being a snarky asshole. :P

    2. Layla90



      I'm curious so I want to ask... what do you think about Beyonce and Gwyneth Paltrow, and I obviously don't mean their music and films.

  13. Happy Birthday Michael!

    1. Michael*


      Hey, thanks Layla! I'm desperately trying to get back into the habit of checking my profile feed. :D

    2. Layla90


      Haha, for over a year this profile feed section is different... and if I don't check my profile it seems like I never get notifications about comments left on my profile :p or there are just there, unnoticed... so I can relate to what you wrote!

  14. Happy Birthday dear!

  15. I saw your avatar picture in original size but somehow I think it looks better in this smaller version :)

    1. Michael*


      Thanks Layla, I had the pic down as a potential avatar as soon as I saw it. :D

  16. A small mistake in Monika's surname in your avatar :whistle:

    1. ILUVAdrianaLima


      Oh my you seem to be correct with your findings :D Time to get back to katchitup so she can fix her mistake lol. Thank you for the sharp eyes Layla :)

    2. Layla90


      :hehe: at first I saw 'c' in her surname as a dollar sign, I have no idea why :ninja: so that's how I spotted that small mistake, I think!

    3. ILUVAdrianaLima


      I know why, subconsciously you want a raise from your current job or in need of a loan :D

  17. Oh my, am I right that I just saw you're online, on BZ? Haha, I rarely ever look at that list, glad I did this time! Hope everything's great!

  18. Mhmm regarding your sig... was it inspired by this tumblr? http://actualteenadultteen.tumblr.com/

  19. 2 days late but Happy Birthday!

  20. Your avatar is soooo cute!

    1. Single_Lady


      Thank you))) I'm in love with this cuties!!!

  21. Just noticed you visited my profile some time ago! :shock: how are you?

  22. You are missed as well!

  23. You are missed as well!

  24. Oh my Gosh Q, are you back for real?!?!?

    1. irenistiQ


      I don't know, Layla! :-* Poceluj (I still remember)

    2. Layla90


      Haha, whoever taught you 'poceluj' did it wrong :p there's no such word! Anyway, I was so surprised (and glad!) to see you here! Hope everything's right in your life?

  25. How are you? How's life? What apartment you live in now?

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