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  1. Just noticed you visited my profile some time ago! :shock: how are you?

  2. Happy Birthday Natasha!

  3. Lyon

    Happy Birthday Tash ^_^

  4. Thank you so much Lay! :)

  5. Happy Birthday Natasha! Celebrate properly, now you're offficially an adult :shifty: haha, for some reason I thought you'll be 17 now :P

  6. Thank you Natasha! :Flower:

  7. Happy Birthday!!! Wish you all the best Lay! :)

    (yeah, school exams. we have them in 9th and 11th classes)

  8. I spent some time at the seaside in my country, it was nice because I like the Baltic Sea and beaches :D what exams? For high school?

  9. Oh.. june- exams, the free july, and week ago i came back from Paphos (Cyprus) it was amazing!

    and where you spend your holiday? how was it? :)

  10. Tash my dear, where were you? :) I'm fine, got back from holidays a week ago but still have some free time :) and you? did you go somewhere abroad this summer?

  11. Hey Lay, how are you? :)

  12. Oh, and final exams, after "gymnasy"? :p hope you'll do well in them, I'll keep my fingers crossed for you girl!

  13. Yep, I started watching Gossip Girl about 3 months ago, every episode from seasons 1 on (I haven't watched it before). I don't watch it that regularly, I mean, sometimes I watch 7 episodes a week, and sometimes just 1...it depends... Season 1 was cool, season 2 had some bad episodes but I think it's my favourite one.

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