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  1. Thank you so much Lay! :)

  2. Happy Birthday!!! Wish you all the best Lay! :)

    (yeah, school exams. we have them in 9th and 11th classes)

  3. Oh.. june- exams, the free july, and week ago i came back from Paphos (Cyprus) it was amazing!

    and where you spend your holiday? how was it? :)

  4. Hey Lay, how are you? :)

  5. =)

    Yeah, school... exams soon :(

    I'm still watching and hoping for better, cos I think the first season was the best

    and do you watch?

  6. heeey!!

    how are you?=)

  7. yeah! almost 2 weeks of rest=))

    We need it! Absolutely)

  8. Heeeyy!

    I hate school. I'm so tired :(

    and what about you?=)

  9. thanks <3

    how are you?

  10. hey! <3

    I missed you)

  11. Tash.

    Model's name or

    How do you know it'd not one of them?? I think it looks like Jeisa although it'll be silly to say the girl reminded me of Vodianova at first Hey! In Jesia's thread they said it's not her And I looked through Trish's thread, and there's nothing
  12. Tash.

    Model's name or

    It's not Jesia and not Trish
  13. Tash.

    Model's name or

    Need to know her name, or link for this editorial please
  14. Yeah, we must go and clean it. If we can't, we'll clean it at August... such a stupid thing=)

    so where are you gping to spend ypur summer?)

    my camputer kind of has an interdiction against MSN! I see ERROR when I try to download it from any server...:(

  15. I still can't download msn... yeah, school is over, but we cleaning it now till 11 of june.. so how are you?

  16. I mean here=)

    Yeah, Norway! Alexander is great!

  17. I'm gere=)

    Do you watch Eurovision?

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