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  1. How should I get baQ in touch with you? Would MSN be good? :)

  2. Laylita! :) I'm already in the Qountry of my internship! It's nice, I'm getting used to it! I bought Miranda's Vogue Espanol and Carey Mulligan's US Vogue (BLAH). I Qan't believe that Lara Stone is married to David Walliams!

  3. Hey my sexy baby! How are you?! Everytime i pass by a cemetary, i thinQ of you! *kiss*

  4. Oh no, my other Qomment wasn't posted. My internship starts on Sept 20 and it will end at the end of November. (It's part of my 3rd and final year in Business) hehe. I will be moving to another Qountry for it. :) hope to get on BZ soon.

  5. HI YES! I'm going off now. Gotta study for exams!!! I finish my exams on the 14th of September. Hopefully I Qan Qome on more! I have been so busy with school!

  6. HACKy Birthday. :)

  7. I just read your comment. ><

  8. edota lolol dota,much? ;)

  9. you know what i need, i need a proper system and standard where i can communicate effectively because i hate disappearing and coming back but at the same time i can't do it without getting addiQted :P

  10. anyway laylita.. i can't believe that more models are going off from the world like this.. is it the agency's fault for putting too much pressure over work? or is because she is torn apart by distance? it's so hard to find the root of the cause.. i can only imagine how sad the boyfriends must be! heather, ruslana, and daul - Rest In Peace

  11. doutzen the macho muscle machine


  13. We're probably vibing! Please do not think that i'm not interested in getting to know you as i didn't reply to your PM! i'm gonna find time soon :D

  14. lyonnie, i'm siQ, too :( my throat hurts! and i QANNOT be siQ right now!

  15. i went on a hol, came baQ, school started, and baQ to bein' busy again!

  16. i went on a hol, came baQ, school started, and baQ to bein' busy again!

  17. hey my sexy baby

  18. where are you?

  19. Where are you located now?


  21. don't get too pervy with prince behottie! :P

  22. you'll always love me more, miles away! i guess we're at our best when we're miles away!

  23. HEY! I'll be playing the bass guitar tmro! i am so nervous, i'm gonna go practice now a bit and sleeeeep early! gotta wake up hella early :/ hope to chat with you and everyone soon.. saranghae!

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